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Outfit Guide: How To Make Your Regular Clothes Look Fashionable

It’s quite easy to end up with drawers and wardrobes overflowing with clothes nowadays. 

Buying clothes has never been more affordable and convenient whether you get them from high street stores or online shops, so you can soon end up with far too many clothes you might have only worn a few times. 

Even though it is good to refresh your attire every so often, the cost of buying new clothes soon adds up and you will quickly start running out of storage space. 

One option that avoids shopping for new clothes is using your existing clothes to create outfits and styles that suit you. The guide below gives you some tips on how to make your regular clothes look more fashionable. 

Choose Some Styles

The first step in the guide to reintroducing your old clothes into your outfits is researching different fashion styles and selecting some you like and then organizing your items of clothing according to the styles. The list of fashion styles is long and includes artsy, biker, business casual, formal, streetwear, surfer, and skater, examples of which can be seen at www.southernman.com.au, smart casual, preppy, punk, and retro. The style you go for will be down to your preferences and you don’t have to stick to one style and could take influences from different styles and incorporate them into outfits. 

Combine Colours

Now you have your clothes sorted by style, you can focus on putting together individual outfits. A good starting point here is choosing two colors to build the rest of the outfit around, examples of colors that complement each other are blue and red,  brown and beige, green and white. The choice of colors used to provide the base of an outfit is down to personal preferences, but if you are unsure of which colors work well together you can check color combinations guides online. 

When putting outfits together according to color there a few tips to remember:

  • If the color of some items is subdued then you can try adding more texture often provided by adding denim, knitwear, or leather to make any outfit look more interesting. 
  • Clothes that are the same color but different shades can work well together, so go through your old clothes and see which shades look good together. 
  • Complementary colors always work best together such as blue and red, and purple and yellow.

Use Formal Clothes as Casualwear

Unless needed for work every day, more often than not people get formal clothes for special occasions then only wear them once or twice before storing them away. So if you are thinking about putting a new outfit together then why not try wearing them with your everyday clothes. Adding a formal item like a jacket or shirt can improve the overall class of an outfit and make you feel more confident. 

Up-cycle Worn Out Clothes

Most people have favorite pieces that have been worn regularly for years but had to be retired because they are starting to look tired or need some repairs. You can bring some life back to old favorites by making some adjustments yourself or taking them to a tailor. Some common alterations to improve old clothes are removing the sleeves from tops, patching holes, and restitching hems and seams. 

Mix Seasonal Clothing

Many seasonal items of clothing such as a winter coat and scarf can only really be worn in colder months, however, there is more flexible clothing from each season that is comfortable and suitable for any season. 

On cold days in winter it is almost essential to layer up to stay warm, this is an ideal time to use the regular clothes you usually wear in other seasons such as t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets. Adding summery clothes to an autumn, spring, or winter outfit can give a whole new outfit a lighter feel.

Wear Accessories

Outfits that are basic or monotone can be improved and given a touch of class using accessories, whether that be a bracelet, earrings, necklace, rings, or a quality wristwatch. However, if you don’t want to splash out on new jewelry, a hat provides a more affordable option to add color to a simple outfit. 

Choose Your Footwear

Usually, people have at least five pairs of shoes or sneakers with some rarely being worn, the reason behind this may be because they started to look dirty or scruffy, or one or two pairs are worn on rotation. However, there are ways to bring old footwear back to life by cleaning and repairing them and testing out which ones match the different styles you are trying to achieve.   

It can be tempting to hit up the shops when updating your wardrobe and putting together new outfits for the next few months, although you can save your time and money if you bring back your old clothes and incorporate them into your new outfits and styles. 

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