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Geniebook Review : One Stop Personalised Learning Tool for Kids

Assessment books can be a boon or a bane.

Ask any parents; most would have bought multiple assessment books for their school-going children , in addition to tuition classes. While asking the children to complete the books is easy, marking them and going through the answers is another challenge.  

Admittedly, not all parents have the patience to mark the papers, let alone the wisdom for corrections. Personally, there are times when it took me ages to mark and go through the answers once an assessment is complete. Moreover, the number of brain cells I had used to tackle the corrections had been countless. In some instances, I do not even know if the method that I had taught my child was the correct way of solving the problem. 

What if I tell you today that there is a smart solution to all these?


Instead of asking the child to do multiple assessment books and chunk them aside when it is done, they can now complete them online. When they are done with the assessments via assigned worksheets, you do not need to mark them or do corrections. Instead, it will be marked and return with model answers for you to go through. As an added bonus, there are also online classes provided for various levels and subjects. 

Sounds like a dream? 

Well, Geniebook has turned this into a reality. During the past year, COVID-19 has changed the landscape of education. With HBL and online tuition, the child is now more accustomed to studying in front of a computer. Using this as leverage, we think that Geniebook could make a viable contribution to the child's education. 

What is Geniebook?

In case you are wondering, Geniebook is not a tuition centre. Instead, it is an online assessment-based platform that used Artificial Intelligence (A.I) to monitor a child's work and progress. With the A. I used it to provide a personalised learning experience for the child, tailoring to their strengths and weaknesses. Founded in 2017, it had since improved the A. I to an impressive platform to accelerate a student's learning curve. 

A Personalised learning experience

You will be provided activity worksheets based on the subjects you choose. Geniebook covers English, Maths and Sciences for Primary 2 to Secondary 4 levels. The worksheets' questions are based on the latest syllabus from the Ministry of Education; with a database of over 150,000 questions and solutions, there are more than enough materials for revision. 

We had the chance to experience Geniebook and simply love how the A. I operate. You start by setting a Study Plan base on the subjects you choose. You could either select the topics you want to focus on or let the A. I customised a plan according to the MOE syllabus. We prefer to do the latter for a fuss-free start. Additionally, you are also asked to input the scores you want to achieve. We think that this is a good motivation for the kids.

After the study plan is set up, you can generate worksheets for the particular topic. If you want a mix of topics, you can also select up to 3 topics for a customised worksheet. This means that if you are revising for exams based on certain topics, you will generate the relevant worksheets to focus on practising. 

The boy took about 45 minutes to complete each worksheet. Given the time spent on the worksheets, you could even do it daily. In a short period of time, he completed a couple of worksheets without any fuss.

Moreover, I can view the scores that he had achieved for each worksheet. With that perspective, one can opt to generate more worksheets on the weaker topics to practise. 

Real-Time Progress Tracking

Sample Questions from Geniebook

The boy had a go at the Science Worksheets. The worksheet comprises both multiple-choice questions as well as structured questions. The multiple-choice questions are marked in real-time, while structured questions will be marked remotely by Geniebook's teachers and returned in 3 days. Compared to me marking the assessment books and only returning to my child a week later, these instantaneous answers meant that they would learn their mistakes on the spot. I think this is more efficient learning than comparing to doing assessment books.

The boy also appreciates that he can complete the worksheets AND the revision at one session. With real-time marking, it is not necessary to arrange another revision a week or 2 later. 

After completing the worksheets, you can also do revision worksheets on the topics done. More focus will be given to the weaker topics for the revision, while the stronger topics will be provided with more challenging questions.  Unlike an assessment book where weightage is given equally to all topics, this method would allow your child to work on improving the weaker topics and, at the same time, strengthen their strong topics.

Live online lessons

Despite being an assessment base platform, Geniebook also conducts LIVE Online Lessons base on topics that are taught in school. Students can opt to attend the various weekly lesson. Even if they cannot attend, these lessons will also be recorded and available on the platforms. The lessons themselves are interactive as the students can chat with the teachers. However, unlike the conventional lessons, the students are not required to show that faces on screen. 

I had sat through a live lesson with my child. I must say, it is an engaging experience. In fact, it would not be surprising if some parents opt to use the Geniebook platform as a one-stop education supplement for their children.

Weekly Lessons from Geniebook

While we think that it may not completely replace physical tuition lessons where a teacher can gauge a student learning progression more effectively. This bonus feature will be good as a supplement for those who need additional lessons for revision.  Best of all, this is already included in the package you opt for, and you need not pay additional fees for it.

Work on the computer or on the go.

Geniebook can be accessed via the website or through the app. While it may be better to access a computer to do the assessments, the app is useful for parents. I use the app to monitor the boy's progress, and at the same time, I could assign worksheets or create a study plan for him.

There are also notifications alerts that you can set. This includes setting notification for worksheet due, worksheets assigned and study progress. This systematic way is so much better than my current ad hoc approach, where the boy does an assessment only when I remember to remind him. A more structured approach would mean that the child would have a better focus on revision.


All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. 

Geniebook recognises this and puts in a reward system for the child who completes his worksheets and assignments. For every completed worksheet, you will be given bubble points to redeem gifts from the bubbles stores.

I reckoned that this method would motivate the child even more when it comes to doing revision. The gifts can be quite appealing, as you can exchange them for ROBLOX gift cards, LEGO, Tech related gifts and more. It is no wonder that the boy perks up and does his assigned worksheets diligently when he heard about Bubbles.

How to get started?

If you are keen to explore Geniebook, you could request a demo with a 1 to 1 meet up with the consultant. The consultant will be able to do a strength analysis for your child to assess the current standards. Alternatively, set up an account to trial selected worksheets from here. 

Geniebook is based on a yearly subscription with prices from $1852.65 per year for one subject. Considering that tuition equivalent can be as high as $3000+ per year, this is a steal as you get both assessments and tuition.

Here is a breakdown of what you will be getting

👉300AI personalised worksheets per subject

👉150,000 curated questions aligned to the MOE syllabus

👉Instantaneous model answers for MCQ and marking by real teachers for structured questions

👉Weekly LIVE online classes with engaging teachers

👉Progress reports

👉Real-time teacher chats for specific subjects and level

👉Rewards to earn and redeem for gift


Find out more about Geniebook here!

If you would like to find out more about your child’s strengths and challenges on any subject of your choice, click here to register.


TWD was provided with a trial of Geniebook for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

1 comment:

  1. Be very careful before you sign up. Sign up locks you in for 1 year until end of December. PSLE ends early October. Before sign up, we were told the subscription is flexible enough to allow 'suspension' after exam and carry forward to following year when school starts. But apparently the maximum suspension is 60 days. The reason given is 'system issue'. So you will have subscription running without utilisation unless your kid wants to continue doing Geniebook exercise after PSLE

    We also didnt know whether this would work for entire year as the exercises are bite sized. The exercises are ok to build the basics. As students gear up towards exam oriented settings, it would not work. Especially when schools give more exam based exercises

    But during sign up, we were convinced that Geniebook is flexible and suspension of account can be accommodated. We also bounced off the idea that after P6, younger sibling can takeover the subscription. All empty talk and when it comes to that, they will say 'system restriction' or 'not in contract'

    Will bring this to attention of consumer group, but more importantly for other parents to be AWARE what they are getting into. It is almost like a scam to maximise subscription period with minimum utilisation, then giving you ideas that you can suspend and use it when needed again.

    other review points:
    1) The only noticeable 'AI' element is the app would repeat the same questions if your child got those questions wrong. There is no 'AI' element in providing answers or replying questions. There are lots of stats provided though.
    2) bite-sized worksheets, but hardly similar to exam settings, only good for learning the basics.
    3) science classes can give good basic knowledge/reinforcement
    4) your kid needs to be quite disciplined to do this. And parents need to spend time to review with the child. if you think you can leave to the child as the explanations are stated there, you are wrong. It is a tool to help you


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