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A Universal Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore : Worth to go?

When it was Christmas during Pre-Covid, one of the places we would frequent is Universal Studios Singapore.

Back during the good old days, Universal Studios is all decked up. Together with performances, parades and special areas for Christmas, Universal Studios gives out more Christmas vibes than Orchard Road. 

This year, Universal Studios has 'A Universal Christmas ' as their festive theme.

Here's what you can expect from a visit

Universal Rockin Railway

This is the centrepiece at the end of Hollywood Street. Here the Christmas Train Track Trio will be joined by the likes of Gru, Lucy, Edith, Agnes and Margo from Despicable Me. On rotation will be Cookie Monster and Oscar from Sesame Street and Shrek and Princess Fiona from Shrek.

Essentially, this is similar to a meet and greet session where visitors can get a snap with their favourite character (with social distancing)

Holiday Meet and Greets

Santa would be around and there are performances by Trolls at Mel Diner.  Meet and greet with Puss in Boots are also available at the Milk Bar. Unfortunately, due to stormy weather when we were there, we missed this Meet and Greets

Otto Festive Debut

Meet Ott0, the newest Minion from Minions 2: The Rise of Gru that will debut in 2022.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered
Signed, Sealed and Delivered

You can drop your letters to Santa at the North Pole Postal Service located at the end of New York. If you are lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the postmaster and the elves.

Festive Market

Festive Market

There is a small festive market selling food and other Christmas stuff. 

It's not very big and probably can be comb-over in about 10 mins or so.

Christmas Trees at Hollywood, Christmas Pop up at New York 

Minions Pop Up @ New York

Unlike previous years, this year Christmas decoration was not as grand. 

Minions Christmas Tree @ Hollywood

There are Christmas Trees in Hollywood and Christmas Pop up in New York. The rest of the park the same as usual days sans the Christmas decor.

Compared to previous years and even the year before, this year's festive offering is a rather muted affair with most of the decoration concentrated on Hollywood and New York Street

The performances had been taken out from the normal days. Instead, USS has introduced a premium experience that is named 'It's Showtime.' The latter would have special performances, snowfalls, fireworks. All these are missing from 'A Universal Christmas'. Furthermore, this premium experience is meant for those above 18, so kids would miss out on the fun. We do think that this is because of COVID-19 restrictions limiting this event to vaccinated people. Hopefully, next year, it will be open up to the masses once again to bring up the famed Universal Christmas spirit.

If you are visiting for the rides with a little festive cheer, Universal Studios would be a fun place to head out for the holidays. If you are expecting the Christmas decor and entertainment to be the same as yesteryear, then you might feel like Scourge after a visit. The best thing to do is put your expectations aside and enjoy the time spend with family there!

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