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Benq WiT Eye-Care Lamp Review : The Smart Eye-Care Desk Lamp for everyday use


Let there be light!

Ever since I had the Benq ScreenBar LED Monitor, it had been a faithful companion throughout the night when I am updating the website. Given the positive experience with it, I was delighted when offered to review the new Benq WiT Eye Care Lamp.

Futuristic Design

Benq WiT - Futuristic Design

At first glance, it would be obvious that this is not your ordinary desk lamp. Instead of the usual bar or spotlight design, the light unit is curvy. As a result of this curvey LED light bar, the light range would be wider and thus illuminating your whole desk with its wide range. 

If you prefer to see a video review, you can watch it here.

The design reminded me of a swan and adds a touch of quirkiness to the desk. The base does take up a chunk of real estate on the desk, so if you have a smaller desk setup, that could be an issue. The arm is also adjustable, giving you the flexibility to place the lamp in a position best suited for your needs.

Setting it up was a breeze as it contains only 2 components- the base and the swing arm with the lamp. Simply attach them together and tighten them with the Allen key provided.

Adapters for Benq WiT

The unit comes with 4 different adapters including a UK plug which I use for the setup. The wiring is about 2 meters long which is sufficient for most desk setups.

WiT - A Smart Desk Lamp

The WiT is actually an acronym for Wide, Intelligent, Tailor-made. Let's see how it lives up to its namesake.


Compared to normal lamps, Benq WiT has an ultra-wide-angle lighting coverage range due to its unique curve-shaped LED light bar. It is touted to have a 150% wider coverage than the average desk lamp. From my usage, I would tend to agree. 

As my desk is rather long, it covered a lot more real estate than even the Benq Screen Bar LED Monitor.  The light is designed to cover a 90 cm reading space, sufficient for most uses.

This wide coverage means that I can see better on the general desk area rather than concentrate on a particular spot to read. Given the coverage, I reckon that there is no need to switch on the main light when I am using this lamp.


The Smart feature in this lamp is that it has an auto-dimming function with intelligent detection. It is able to detect the desktop brightness and adjust the light output at any time. This is an upgraded version that provides a dual-mode of brightness for reading a book or using a computer. There is a coloured coded LED light on the lamp when this is activated

This would reduce excessive glare to the eyes that would cause discomfort at times. For someone who is on the screen for hours throughout the night, this is a godsend.

While the functions are great, it takes a little fiddling to get used to the settings. Unlike conventional lamps where it is operated by distinct buttons, the Benq WiT relies on touch sensors for usage. To turn on and off the Benq WiT, you just need to touch the ring function on the lamp. The toggling of the auto-dimming function is quite similar except that you need to hold it for 2 secs to activate it. While it took e a while to get used to switching the auto-dimming function to utilise the dual-mode. When it works, it's great!


Most desklamp only comes in a single shade. The Benq WiT eye care lamp has dimmable lights in shades from 2700K to 5700K. 2700 K would provide you with warm white light while 5700 K will give you a crystal white glow. The former is more relaxing to your eye while the latter is great if you are focusing on doing work.

You can simply adjust the lighting condition by pressing on the knob once to select the colour you desire. Press it again to adjust the intensity of the light. For this part, it is easy to operate.

Eye Care Function

Other than the Benq WiT features, this lamp also comes with eye-protection technology. It provides a flicker-free light source with low blue light and high colour rendering proficiency. This is great for those who need to edit photographs or videos at night. In other words, it is perfect for me.

Daily use

When I compared the Benq WiT to the Benq Screenbar that I am currently using, I could tell the immediate difference in terms of the light coverage and intensity. While the Screenbar works well for a small space, the WiT would be the best suite for a bigger desk due to the bigger and brighter coverage.

WiT vs Screen bar

Additionally, the base of the WiT does take up significant real estate, thus that could be a consideration when you are getting the Benq WiT. You can also use accessories such as a desk clamp.

Other alternatives could be the Benq Screenbar or the smaller Benq Genie that has a similar design for the lamp sans the flexible arm of the Benq WiT.

The WiT makes an outstanding lamp for both work and study. With the brighter light and wider coverage, it is much easier on the eyes of the boys when they are revising for homework. As for me, the WiT also lessen the need for me to strain my eyes when I am using the computer late at night. Given the versatility of this lamp, it is one that is highly recommended for the family.

Benq WiT

The Benq WiT Eye-care lamp retails for $349.

You can get your Benq Eye Care Lamp  at the following links

Lazada brand store:

Shopee brand store:

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TWD was provided with a unit for this review. All opinions are of our own.

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