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Scoop Wholefoods Australia lands in Parkway Parade


Scoop WholeFoods Australia has landed at Parkway Parade.

Taking over the space left by the now-defunct Espirit is not another clothes store but a unique food store- Scoop Wholefoods Australia. 

Scoop Wholefoods has been around Singapore for a while. There are now 8 Scoop Wholefoods in Singapore.
Scoop Wholesale Singapore

The store is known for being an environmentally friendly shopping destination using recycled or materials source from sustainable materials for their stores. They claim not to use a single plastic at the stores. When I was there, they did provide a plastic glove for browsing.

It is also an 'organic' based store, sourcing the majority of grand, nuts, teams chocolates, oils and natural products from Australian farmers. These items are usually not packed and you could buy as much or as little as you want.

The Store

Scoop Parkway Parade

The space is massive in terms of retail at Parkway Parade. Clad in wooden deco, you get the feel of shopping in a barnyard. Think Muji sans the clothes.

Here is a quick look at what you can get from Scoop Whole Food

Scoops Wholefoods Chocolates

Scoops Wholefoods Tea

Includes accessories too. 
Scoops Wholefoods Tea


Scoops Wholesale Honey
Baking Needs
Scoops Bakery

Beauty and Bath
Scoops Bath Salt

Herbs and Spices
Scoops Spices

Scoops Beans

Scoops Grains

Seasoning and Condiments
Scoops Seasoning

Reusable bag
Scoops Reusable Bags


We probably just scratch the surface, do head to Parkway Parade to check out their store!

Scoops WholefoodsAustralia
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Paraade Rd
Singaproe 449269

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