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Why Storage Is Important For A Growing Family

 As a family, one of the most important things you'll need to do is keep track of your belongings and what room they're in.

It can be hard to manage with all those toys and clothes just lying around on the floor! That's why we've created this guide on how to store your clutter so everything has its place.


The organization is key to having an environment that is pleasant to live in. As your family grows, you'll be sharing the space with more people and things, so it's important to include everyone in the organization process. Make sure there is a place for everything! Depending on how much storage you need for your belongings, you can contact the StoreFriendly Singapore experts for your personal smart storage solution. Label different storage boxes or baskets according to who they belong to. Use an extension cord with a power strip to supply electricity to appliances in different areas of the house, such as lamps on bookshelves or humidifiers. It's easy and makes it more convenient for you! Don't forget that storage doesn't have to be bulky and unsightly. Make use of all available nooks and crannies by placing baskets inside cabinets or cubbyholes under the sink. That way everything will always look good while staying neat at the same time. Let some sunshine in by adding a few skylights too!


Storage isn't just something that holds your belongings; it can beautify your home too if done properly. There are some tips for keeping everything in the right place while also making your house a more attractive place. Knockdown walls to open up a room and create a stylish flow from one space to another. The extra light will make the interior pop! Use decorative storage containers to keep smaller items organized, such as buttons and thread, or miscellaneous knickknacks. Even if you don't have anything fancy in your home, it still looks super cute when displayed on a shelf or cabinet! Don't forget that what makes good storage is different from person to person! Is there something you've been wanting but just can't find anywhere? Get creative and fashion your self-made storage holder out of random objects found around the house.


A house full of storage is inevitably going to end up with more clutter somewhere. Keeping up with your possessions and where they go can be a daunting task, but it's a big part of being organized! Don't let yourself get frustrated when you find something out of place; adjust accordingly and keep things in order so everyone will know where to put their things when they're done using them. You can also add functionality by getting rid of any excess furniture. More space means more room for storage needs! Don't forget the outside either. A backyard can hold just as much stuff as indoors if not more! Get creative and look around the area for anything that could be used in some way. Look at outdoor spaces in another perspective and add in some cool features like a swing set or gazebo!

Storing Toys

One of the most important areas to pay attention to is a child's room. It can get cluttered easily, so it's up to you as a parent to keep things in order! Make sure there are designated areas for everything, such as dressers and toy chests for clothes and toys respectively. The best way to store those little pieces is by using bins or containers with separate sections so the toys don't get mixed up and disorganized. Having an area just for building blocks will prevent them from cluttering up your floor and getting stepped on. Storage units with multiple shelves work too since children love watching their stuff pile up! You could even use their drawings as decoration by placing them on the walls.

Maximizing Space

Of course, there isn't an unlimited amount of room in your home. Every inch has to be utilized as best as possible, so it's time to get creative! Place bookcases and cabinets next to the wall, since they take up less space that way. If you're running out of floor space, look towards the ceiling. There are plenty of options for storage above your head such as installing a loft bed or building bookshelves onto the wall. Plus it'll give you more privacy and make your bedroom look bigger!

The Basics of Minimalism

Not everyone loves a cluttered space, so it's important to know how to properly minimize excess items. Keep essentials in a clear view and limit decorations on the walls to personalize your living space. Get rid of anything that doesn't have a specific purpose or room just for these types of things. Organizing doesn't mean having everything lined up perfectly either! Letting some of those objects spill out into the background will give off a more inviting vibe instead of being too stiff from all that symmetry!


Even if you keep your storage neat, it won't stay like that for very long with kids running around and playing everywhere. With time things accumulate dust, leaving behind an unpleasant atmosphere and potential illnesses thanks to pollutants seeping into the air. Take care of your storage by getting rid of unwanted items, dusting them now and then, and giving off a fresh scent with candles or room sprays! You shouldn't have to clean up after kids all the time either - keep their rooms nice and tidy so you can both enjoy being in there without worrying about stepping on pieces.

Living With Others

You don't have to go at it alone when keeping your home organized! Whether it be friends or family members living with you, everyone should pitch in to maintain the household! Make sure everyone knows where stuff goes instead of just shoving everything into storage so there's less hassle when taking things out again. Since space is limited, try setting aside specific areas or shelves for certain items. It'll make it easier for multiple people to share while still having their own space.

Personal Space and Storage

Even though your home is open to guests, you still have the right to keep things private. Limit any unwanted access into your storage by having it locked or blocking off specific areas with furniture. It's important to have some alone time now and then so you're not being caught up in someone else's business all day long. Plus these spots are great for hiding presents from sneaky eyes!

Family Time

If you're a parent, hopefully, your child will be the one cleaning up most of the messes once they grow older! In the meantime, they can still help out by playing in areas without too many things lying around so they don't get hurt. Not only that but kids tend to be very creative with storage since they have an imaginative side! They'll find new ways to keep their stuff organized and discovering different ways is a big part of learning how to solve problems at a young age. Plus it's always good for them to see their parents handle organization early on so that way they have something positive to look forward to in the future.

Tips for The Kids

Speaking of kids, they'll have their own set of storage needs as well! Instead of letting them accumulate too many toys, focus on building up their creativity through imaginative play with just a few items at a time. Storage containers are great for this since most are built to snap together or lock securely so they can't be opened by curious hands. Another option is getting adjustable shelves that they can customize themselves to fit their height! This way there's no problem finding where everything was put away and it encourages them to take care of things like books and board games without feeling overwhelmed by large collections.

You'll Know What's Where

If you're tired of losing track of your storage, take some time to go through everything and find out what items are essential and which ones can be donated or discarded. This way clutter won't accumulate as quickly and there's less chance of it getting disorganized again! It'll also help to check the expiration dates on food so nothing goes bad before you have a chance to eat it. Getting rid of stuff that isn't necessary will give room for new items that'll replace them without having too much extra space needed. When everything has its place and is cleaned regularly, you can rest easy and enjoy not having to worry about it! It'll cut down on the hours you spend trying to find something important or throwing away unneeded items so that way your time goes towards things that matter more.

Storage isn't something you need to put off for later - it's an ongoing process that can be done today. As your family continues to grow, the chores and jobs involved in keeping everything organized will too. The key is to start small and add more as needed. Make your home a more functional and organized place for everyone by following our simple tips. Even if you don't have any clutter to deal with, keeping everything neat will give you peace of mind that everything is in its place, allowing you to focus on what's important. 

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