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Wang Lai Bakery Review : Tasty CNY Goodies

CNY is coming in less than a month.

Reunion Dinners, Ang Pows and Chinese New Year Goodies are synonymous with this festive season. Regardless of whether we are visiting or expecting guests, we always have a set of CNY Goodies stock up at home. 

This year, we decided to give Wang Lai Bakery a go at their CNY Goodies.

Who is Wang Lai Bakery?

From the website, Wang Lai Bakery has its roots in 1968. It has a confectionary booth in Chinatown selling traditional Chinese Goodies. Since the start of the pandemic, we had not ventured into Chinatown to check out the CNY goodies and am unable to check the physical stores. So it was great that we could order our CNY goodies online.

Ordering was a breeze. Simply choose the CNY goodies, add to the cart and it will be delivered to you. There is a delivery charge of $10 for standard delivery and $20 for express delivery within 1 hour!
For orders above $100, delivery is free.

Wang Lai sells a wide variety of Chinese New Year goodies. From the traditional pineapple tarts to prawn rolls to well love snacks like honeycomb crackers and salted egg fish skin, you will be spoilt for choice. Sans Bak Kwa and Kueh Lapis, you should be able to get every CNY goodies you need from Wang Lai Bakery. 

We recommend getting the CNY bundles where you mix and match any 8 bottles of CNY goodies. There will be a bundle discount if you choose this option instead of getting it individually. Here are some suggestions to choose. 

Must have CNY Goodies

Must have CNY goodies are those that are essential and traditional to CNY.  Here are our picks for these goodies.

Melt in Your Mouth Open Face Pineapple Tarts ( $19.90)

Pineapple tarts are a must-have CNY Goodie. This version has a generous serving of pineapple on soft crust that simply melts in your mouth.

Premium  Prawn Roll $15.90

Crispy and not too spicy prawn rolls filled with sambal and have bi hiam. This has to be one of our favourites to munch on for CNY.

Kuih Bangkit ($15.90)

Of all the CNY cookies, the Kuih Bangkit has got to be the old man's favourite. This is one cookie that you need not bite. Just pop the tapioca flour cookie into your mouth and let it melt in the mouth. It's the only way to eat it!

Must-Try CNY Goodies
CNY goodies have evolved throughout the years. Some of them are improvements to the old versions. We think this twist refresh the CNY lineups and will cater to the younger generations.

Chocolate and Peanut Love Letter $18.90

Love Letters use to come in a roll without any fillings. Adding fillings in makes it much more appetizing. These little sandwich cookies filled with peanut and chocolate are a modern twist to the traditional love letters. It is so popular that the peanut version is sold out and only the chocolate version is available.

Premium Cranberry Pineapple tarts ($19.90)

We always associate Pineapple tarts with the open face variety. Thes closed pineapple tarts will give you more crust than pineapple. Equally soft compared to the open face variation. It is a melt in your mouth snack to be savoured. For a little twist, we chose the cranberry pineapple tart for a different taste.

CNY Goodies for all occasion
There are some CNY goodies that you can enjoy ALL year around. Nonetheless, they do taste a little better during CNY. It is probably the combination of these goodies with the traditional CNY goodies that enhances the taste!

Premium Fried Crab Stick ( $15.90)

We have to be honest, we tried making these fried crab sticks on our own but it does not match up to the perfectly crisp strips from Wang Lai Bakery. Do take this with caution as one bottle is always NEVER enough!

Premium Honey Pumpkin Seed Flake ($17.90)

They should make these honey pumpkin seed flake a permanent snack!
We love the texture of honey pumpkin seed on crunchy biscuits. This snack is currently sold out, but we recommend you add it to the cart as soon as it is available!

Premium Salted Egg Fish Skin ($18.90)

For those on Keto Diet, you will know that Fish Skin is one of those snacks that you can savour without the guilt. This crispy salted egg version is one to be simply too addictive.

So what is our verdict?

This homemade CNY goodie is one of the better ones we had tried. It is definitely a few notches up from the factory produced ones you find at supermarkets. The good thing is that these snacks can be kept for up to 6 weeks. Thus, it is not too early to order now.

The only downside... you might end up finishing them before CNY starts. It is just too good!

You can get your CNY Goodies Singapore from Wang Lai Bakery

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TWD was provided with a sampler from Wang Lai Bakery for this review. All opinions are of our own.

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