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Cedele Bakery Kitchen Parkway Parade Review : Healthy Dining

We always associated Cedele with carrot walnut cakes.

Dining never crossed our minds. 

During our weekend, we headed to Parkway Parade to get supplies for reunion dinner. Finding a place to eat can be quite a hassle when Parkway gets crowded. Even though there are over 20 dining outlets and a food court in the mall, it is insufficient to service a high level of footfall.

Cakes from Cedele
Thus, we decided to opt for a shop that has an available table and landed on Cedele. Since we started #hungrygoanywhere series, we made the pact to try a new dining experience each week. Cedele Bakery Kitchen fits the bill perfectly. Cedele Bakery Kitchen has 6 outlets islandwide with Parkway Parade being one of their locations. This outlet is located in the basement near The Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf.

Cedele Bakery Kitchen Parkway

While the bakery takes the front of the shop, the kitchen is tucked away towards the back of the shop. If you are not looking for it, you would probably miss this eating spot altogether. The Dining Area host about a dozen tables for 4, a surprisingly decent space for a little nook. Since it brands itself as a fast-casual dining, turnover is relatively fast with a meal done under an hour or so.

Choose your bread

If you are into healthy food options, Cedele Bakery Kitchen is the place to go. It serves food options that are plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian and even Keto-Friendly meals.

Our choice for this meal is the Egg Wraps and Burges

Ham & Cheese with Spinach and Mushroom ( $15)
Egg Wraps Cedele
The wife took the Ham and Cheese Egg wrap. This is essentially an egg omelette on crispy wheat wrap. Inside, you would find quiona, spring onion and melted cheese. It is served with a choice of sweet potato fries or superfood garden salad.

It comes well presented and looks healthy enough. While it is not stated as a keto option, we think this low carb meat would be good for those on a keto diet.  While the dish may look simple, it is quite filling and the mash of ingredients provide an exquisite taste in every bite. Overall, it is a light dish that would surprisingly fill your stomach.

Bacon Beef Burger ($18)

As for me, I was craving for burger and choose the most 'unhealthy' one on the menu - the Bacon Beef Burger.

Being a noob at Cedele, I was not aware that I had the option for bread. You can choose your choice of sandwich from the following options
  • Wholemeal sunflower seeds
  • Sourdough
  • Spinach Bap
  • Spring Onion Sesame Bap

These options do change, so do check when you order. The gripe I had with these options is the lack of photos to see how they look like. It is not every day that someone would eat a Spinach Bap or Wholemeal Sunflower seeds bread.

Bacon Beef Burger

In the end, I settled for the Sourdough. This is probably not the choice for everyone as it is essentially a hard bread compared to the soft buns that one associates with burger. The Sunflower seed bread or even the bap could have been a better choice. Each dish comes with sweet potato fries or superfood garden salad.

The bacon beef burger comes with 100% grass-fed beef patty, grilled bacon, melted cheese and onion marmalade. It's a healthier version of a hamburger in comparison with what is in the market. Interestingly, Cedele does not serve chilli so I had to make do with tomato sauce. 


If you are looking for a healthy meal, Cedele should tick the right options. As the writing on their wall goes - Eat Well, Be Well!

On the contrary, if you are one that likes wok hei, you would probably need to find another spot. For clean living, Cedele Bakery Kitchen would be a good place to head out to.

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