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Isshin Machi 一心一町 Review : Taiwan Vibes and Food in a cosy set up.

Craving for Taiwanese food?

When we first saw Isshin Machi, we thought that it was a Japanese restaurant. After all, the name Isshin Machi does sound a bit like Japanese. Isshin Machi is in fact a Taiwanese Eatery. We think the name Isshin refers to 一心 but have absolutely no clue what Machi means.

It has a few outlets around Singapore from Holland Village to  Selegie Road. The one we visited is at East Coast Road. This spot at East Coast Road was opened around late 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. Prior to this, if memory serves us correct, it was previously Tall Girl Chinese Restaurant. 

Isshin Machi

Back to the present. Stepping into this restaurant is a breath of fresh air. The place is bright and light. This 70 seater eatery is decorated with wooden furniture that gives it an earthly feel. On one side of the wall are white and blue murals depicting various places in Taiwan including a scene from Evergreen Grassland, a place we visited during our Taiwan holidays.

On the other side of the wall is a series of portraits that is a reminiscence of what we had seen on our last trip to Taipei. The artwork is a nod to the hipper side of Taiwan.

Overall in terms of ambience, Isshin Machi has it right with the Taiwanese vibes.

The Food
Isshin Machi Menu

First thing first, the missus is a big fan of Taiwanese food. Ever since we started our #hungrywackyeats eries,  she has been hoping that Taiwanese food would be on the menu.  To be honest, since our boy is with us, we are pretty much limited to his platelet for this week's food venture. It is the fried rice with pork that caught his eye that landed us here.

Isshin Machi Menu
It was a great choice. There were dishes from the menu that looked familiar and appealing to both Mother and Son. With an extensive menu of more than 80 dishes ranging from appetisers, main dishes, vegetables, snacks, soup, noodles to rice, there is something for everyone. 

Prices are pretty reasonable with appetizers and under $10 and main dishes at under $15. There were no dishes over $20 on the menu. We did a check with the online store and surprisingly, the food is cheaper when you eat in the restaurant,

Brown Sugar Caramel Pearl Milk Tea $3.90
Brown Sugar Caramel Pearl Milk Tea

To start off the meal, we just had to get the Brown Sugar Carmel Milk. Usually, I would refrain from taking sweet drinks, but since we are in a Taiwanese Restaurant, it is a must-try as Pearl Milk Tea is said to have its origins in Taiwan. It was a tad sweet, but it does add flavour to the experience.

Deep-Fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop ($9.20)
Deep-Fried Specially Marinated Pork Chop

If you have appetites for just one fried dish on the menu, this is it. The Pork Chop was exceptionally soft and fried to a crisp. Add the chilli sauce and it's a delight.

Fried Rice with Specially Marinated Pork Chop ($12.30)
To complete a meal, simply add the Fried Rice to it. The Fried Rice with Specially Marinated Pork Chop is a good option especially when the meat portion is as big as the normal dish. Cooked to DTF style, this dish is probably the favourite of kids. While the pork was cooked to perfection, the fried rice was a little bland and lacked seasoning.

Pork Wonton with Fiery Chilli Oil ($6)
Pork Wanton with Fiery Chilli Oil

For those who prefer steam options, you can try the Pork Wontons with Fiery Chilli Oil. It is more sourish than spicy, but it suits the Missus' tastebuds.

Hakka-style Golden Fried Chicken ($6.90)

This is a common street snack in Taiwan Night Markets. The portion looks a little small on a big plate. Among the dishes, this would be the one we skip the next time. The meat is a little hard to chew and it is not as crispy as we think it should be.

Moon Shape Prawn Cake ( $11)

Usually, we would be full with just 3 dishes for 2. Since the portion are smaller than usual and the prices are reasonable, we decided to add a fourth dish for the meal.

We choose this dish for the name - Moon Shape Prawn Cake as it sort of reminded us of Sun Moon Lake. The food looks more Thai than Taiwanese due to the sweet chilli sauce. It feels like eating Ngoh Hiang but pancake style.


If we have a craving for Taiwanese food, Isshin Machi will be on top of the list. We like the casual atmosphere, the friendly staff and the authentic food. Perhaps the next time around, we will try the Hakka Style Braised Meat Rice that people have been raving about. If you want to place to go for the Taiwan vibes, Isshin Machi is highly recommended! 

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