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CS Fresh i12 Katong Review: A cosy fresh experience


CS Fresh is now open at i12 Katong.

Actually, it had been open since January, but we did not have a chance to tour it until recently. Prior to CS Fresh, Marketplace was the main Supermarket in i12 Katong before the mall got into a revamp.

While Marketplace was packaged as a premium supermarket for the supermarket connoisseur, CS Fresh targets to be the best in class modern supermarket with brand new interiors and revamped product selections. Interestingly, both fall under Cold Storage management.

So far, our current favourite supermarket will be Fairprice Xtra @ Parkway Parade with its modern interior and extensive product offerings. The first impression of CS Fresh is that it may have taken a leave out of NTUC. Will it hold on its own?

In terms of space, CS Fresh felt smaller than its predecessor. Compared with the massive Fairprice Xtra, it would probably be half the size or smaller. That probably means you would not find an extensive range of products or extras such as a Dine-In Kitchen. Nonetheless, there are still interesting items one can find here.

One of it that caught our eye is the selections of eclairs and buns that look deceivingly like doughnuts. If they taste as good as they look, we reckon that they would fly off the shelves

The other thing that we took an interest in is the Crystal Jade selection of Roast Meat and Chicken as ready to eat takeaways. It is the first time we see a branded restaurant taking a slot in this space.

Other than the branded selection, there is also the usual deli fare Cold Storage is famous though including roast chicken and even a salad bar.

For those who prefer fresh products, there is lane of fresh meat, seafood and Jap food.  

While the place is small, the isle is a decent size for a supermarket trolley.

We did not get to explore much, but if you are looking for premium items such as Seafood with Live Oyster & Lobster bar, Artisanal Cheese & Charcuterie, Organic Produce and even Internation Wine and Beer, CS Fresh is the place to explore.

To be honest, I would probably struggle to get my full week's grocery from here as it is not as well-stocked as compared to a hypermart. Nonetheless, if I want to give myself a premium treat or if I am near and need to grab a thing or two, CS Fresh will be a fresh place to head to.

CS Fresh
i12 Katong
East Coast Road B1-01-05 S 428802

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