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Mookata East Coast Review : Traditional Thailand BBQ

Mookata at East Coast has moved!

This popular traditional Thailand BBQ has moved from East Coast Road to ..... East Coast Rd. TO be more specific, it has moved from 103  East Coast Road to  216 East Coast Road. Along the same stretch of restaurants are the popular Taiwanese Isshi Machi and the famous Chin Mee Chin. This stretch is definitely upping its vibes.

Mookata East Coast

The new place is about half the size of the old shop with more sitting outdoors than indoors. In the past, we would choose the indoor to dine as they have the smoke absorber. In this current setup, the indoor use a mini stove to heat, so we thought it would be much better to eat outdoors with the traditional stove for a better ambience. 

The items on the menu are familiar. They consist of set meals for 2 to 4 pax as well as individual dishes.  We opted for a set for 2 and a selection of dishes as we prefer to have more of a certain dish.

Ordering is a breeze by using the app. Nowadays, it is pretty common for restaurants to adopt ordering via apps. 

Portion wise,  it looks about the same as when we last tried at the old place. The set meal consists of a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables. It is priced decently below $50 for 2 pax.

Mookata also provides 3 types of chilli with various spicinesses to suit one's taste buds. BBQ with chilli is a must for us.
Having Mookata means you would have to cook yourself. Although we could not really rate how well the food is cooked (since it is cooked by ourselves), we could tell if it is fresh or well marinated. In this case, Mookata passed both tests.

It does not take long for the food to be cooked. It is a slightly longer meal than usual, but it is great for families and friends to catch up while the food is being cooked. We think BBQing is a must if you are looking for some bonding time.

As per the other location, kerbside dining is our local way of having al fresco dining. At least for Mooktata at East Coast, it is well sheltered so you can have it outdoors regardless if it is rain or shine.


The venue may have changed, but the food and the atmosphere continues to be the main draw. Looking forward to having more BBQ at this place!

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