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Sudio E2 Review : Bringing sound to the next level

Earphone has just taken a step up with Sudio E2

In the beginning, earphones use to be a simple tool to transmit sounds from the device directly straight to the ears. With the advancement of technology, sounds become richer with bass enhancement and even active noise cancelling to isolate the sound.

Today, Sudio goes one level up with the Sudio E2 with the deeply immersive Dirac Spatial Audio and Hybrid Spatial Active Noise Cancellation combined with VividVoice technology. The end result -a much clear sound AND clearer calls. This is the new Sudio flagship model.

Sudio E2: First  Impression

The Sudio E2 is packaged in the familiar white box with the earbuds taking centre stage of the packaging.

The box is about the same as the previous rendition-the SudioT2 Upon opening, you will be greeted by just the case of the studio earbuds. Accessories such as charging cables and extra earbuds are neatly packed underneath it. 

Unlike the previous calm version case, the casing for the Sudio E2 features a flat surface on one side of the case, making it easier to stand on its own. It is a nifty touch and looks good with this minor touch up.


The earbud has a different design with the return additional stalk similar to the Sudio Ett and Sudio Nio. Compared to the older models, it is much curvier. There are no buttons on the earbuds. Rather controls are activated by touch control. While it works, it does take time to get used to fidgeting the earbuds to get the right sound or skip tracks. While we had yet to find a way to reduce or increase volume from the earbuds, the rest of the function works as it should

Sudio E2 in use

Spatial Audio

Collaborating with Dirac, Sudio brings unique spatial audio to the Sudio E2. With Dirac Virtuo, you can be transported to a music arena, an opera house, a live rock concert. Instead of just hearing sounds in your head, you will be hearing sounds from all angles. 

We used Apple Spatial Audio tracks to test. With the Spatial Audio on, we could differentiate between the voice and musical instrument with the beats seemingly coming from the side and the voice from the front. With Spatial off, you do not get the three-dimensional feel when listening to a track.


The E2's Hybrid ANC has two microphone inside and outside the earpiece that combines both feedback and feedforward for an immersive noise cancellation experience.

Upon testing, we feel that the noise cancelling was not as enveloping as expected. While ambience noise is slightly reduced, it does not completely cancel outside noise as some other earbuds do. On the positive side, noise-cancelling does not produce the pressurized feel you get when it is activated. Music listening remains pleasant.


With Work From Home, it is not surprising that some would use earphones for zoom meetings or teleconferencing. With the VividVocie technology, it will isolate your voice, filter out ambient sound to ensure that the one hearing you from the other end receive a loud and clear output. This is a great addition, given today's changing environment.

Feature pack

The Sudio last up to 6.5 hours on a single charge and 30 hours with the battery case during normal use. It will last shorter if AND and Dirac Virtuo is turned on at 4.4 hours and 20 hours respectively. Nonetheless, it should be sufficient for that train ride or the long run. It also has fast charging. A 10 minutes fast charge can last 2 hours of usage.

With IPX4, it is resistant to rain and sweat, making it a perfect training companion.

It also comes with wireless charging. Sudio also has the Sudio Ladd+ Wireless charger that will go well with it. You can place your Sudio E2 or any other wireless charging device like your phone and it will charge it. The Sudio Ladd draws the power through USB-C and retails for $69.

Additionally, Sudio has now an app on Google Play and Apple store which would work as an equalizer for the new flagship models Sudio E2 and T2.

Get the new app on Google Play and Apple store

Limited Time Offer

Now will every Sudio E2, you will receive the free Sudio Ladd+. The Sudio E2 retails for SGD $179. With the combined package, this price looks like a steal. This is a limited early bird offer while stock last.

To sweeten the deal,  quote our special code for readers TWD15 to enjoy an additional 15% discount/  The Sudio E2 comes in 4 different colours - Jade, Sands, Black and Electric Grey.

Get your Sudio E2 here.

TWD was provided a set of earphones for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.


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