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Govee Dreamview T1 TV Backlight Review : Make your TV comes alive!

Want to make your TV come alive?

The Goove DreamView T1 TV Backlight or otherwise known as the Govee Immersion is your ultimate upgrade for an immersive TV and gaming experience. This RGBIC light system will set the mood for your movies, music and games with its LED backlight.

How does it work?


The backlight enhances your home entertainment by extending the colours beyond the screen. It uses Coloursense Technology to capture the colours on your TV screens and projects the backlights automatically to match your screen. This will provide a captivating experience that goes beyond your usual TV experience.


To enhance your music experience, you can also set the lights to change according to the music. The music is detected by the device mic and does not necessarily need to come from the TV. It is great for an immersive karaoke experience or watching a concert on TV. 


There are also 12 scene modes that you can set to create an epic gaming session or a romantic movie night. This will set the mood for the perfect TV viewing experience to suit the mood you are in.

Setting up the Govee Dreamview T1 TV Backlight

The items that come in the box include the following
  • 1 x LED Light Strip
  • 1 x Adaptor
  • 1 x Control Box
  • 1 x Camera 
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Service Card
  • 1 x Year Limited Hardware Warranty

The LED strip light is an RGBIC LED strip. RGBIC lights come with an independent control that allows you to control and adjust each light separately. With the app provided, you can even customise your own lighting on the Goove.

The backlight is perfect for most 55-85 inches flatscreen TV.  It is attached by double-sided tape that is further secured with provided 3M hooks. No drilling is needed for installation.

It comes with a camera that can be attached to the top or bottom of the TV. The camera is used to capture the colours from the TV and mimic them with the backlight.

Calibration and set-up it did with the Goove App.
Download from Google Play Store 
Download from Apple App Store

Once connected via the app, you could use it to turn on or off the Goove Dreamview T1 and control the light setting.

It also comes with a control box that allows you to control the system manually.

The Goove Dreamview T1 TV Backlight is great for those who wished to enhance their viewing experiences on TV. Unlike conventional LED lights, these lights change according to the images on the screen, making each experience a captivating one. 

Priced at $139The Goove Dreamview T1 TV Backlight is available from the local tech store, Synced. There are plenty of innovative products from Synced including items like Coolify 2, a personalised air condition device. 

Check out more innovative gadgets from Synced here.


  1. I want to move to another tv and I was wondering the measurements of the led lights in order to buy a new 3M adhesive, can you give the information about the width of the led stripes? Thank you!


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