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Torras Coolify2 Review : Your Personal Air Con on the go

 In recent weeks, Singapore has experienced a mini-heat wave.

If you are out and about, you will feel the intense heat scorching your body. Walking outdoors is a chore for people like me who tend to sweat buckets within 5 minutes under the sun.

What if there is a way to instantaneous cool you down in seconds anyway you go?

Coolify 2  (Available at Synced)

I recently discovered the Torras Coolify 2 from Synced, an awesome new generation tech store that brings in a carefully curated alternative and innovative tech brands under one roof. 

The Coolify 2 is an on-the-go cooling and heating device that helps you to cool down and even warm up depending on your needs.


This u shaped device is to be worn around your neck. Turn it on and you can cool your body by up to 15℃ in seconds. This is the result of airflow from the device that creates a large cooling area to give you an immersive cooling experience like no other. It works like a personal air conditioner on the go. It comes with 3 speeds and you can choose between cool and fan mode.

If you are travelling to cold countries, especially those below 10 ℃, you would know how numbingly cold one can get at this temperature. Bring your Coolify 2 along and it can warm you up with a calm warming sensation to make you feel more comfortable.

The Coolify 2 has a flexible structure that should fit most. For those with larger necks, it could feel a little tight initially, but once you get used to it, you will not really feel it. 

The Coolify is designed to be hands-free. It weighs about 370g and is decided to last up to 18 hours in fan mode and 2.5 hours in cooling mode. You could charge it with a Type C charging cable provided and each charge will take approximately 3 hours. 

Operationally, there is the power button and the mode button. The power button turns the device on and off while the mode button toggles between cooling, fan and heat mode.

What's in the box

Each set comes with the following items

  • 1 x Coolify 2 
  • 1 x Type C Charging Cable
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  • 1 x User Manuale
  • 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty

We simply love the carrying bag that will allow one to bring this anywhere you want, even for travelling overseas.


Overall, it is a relatively easy device to use. Given the weight, it may not be ideal to wear around the neck for the whole day.  Nonetheless, if you are staying at home and want to save electricity on air-conditioning, this handy device is useful in lieu of air-conditioning. Additionally, it will help in saving a few extra bucks too. For hot and humid Singapore, this item is perfect to have on standby.

Interested to get one?

The Coolify 2 retails for $239. You can check out the Coolify 2 and more innovative gadgets from Synced.

Alternatively, you could head down to Synced store at the following address to try the Coolify 2 as well as other gadgets they have in store.

Synced Physical Store

68 Orchard Road 
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238829

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