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Starke Living Air Purifier Review :


Is an air purifier necessary?

Back in the days when haze is a common occurrence in Singapore, having an air purifier is a must at home. Today, the haze has not visited our shores for quite a while. As such, air purifier has been off the radar for a typical household.

Do you need an air purifier?

Yet, air purifiers may be a necessity depending on your circumstances. Other than haze, air purifiers are used to cleanse your air indoors. Invisible to our eyes, pollen and dust are always around. To prove that, simply shine a torch at night and you could see specks of dust floating around. 

Starke Air Purifier

Small but mighty

Starke Air Purifier is a nifty purifier that works a little different from the rest. Despite the diminutive size, it is able to cover up to 10-15 square meters. This covers most bedrooms and even living rooms in today's apartments. It also used USB fast charge with Type C. Each charge can last an estimated 20 hours of fresh air.

Great for allergies, smoke and Asthma

Equipped with 3 types of filers ( Primary, Activated Carbon Filter, HEPA Filter), it would be perfect for those with allergies as it helps to remove indoor allergens. It is also great for asthma and smoke, removing unpleasant odours in the room with its 360-degree full air circulation. Sterilize and disinfect the room to make the air you breathe safe for you and your kids.

Use it anywhere

The Starke Air Purifier measures only 16x16x 26.8cm Because of its portable size, you could bring it to any room. Place it in the bathroom, living room, dining room or even the car. It comes with a  portable handle for you to bring it around conveniently. As it is wireless, using it anywhere is a breeze.

Comes with Smart LED

Displays settings, ambient air quality and battery life. Easy to read and use

About Starke Living

Other than air purifiers, Starke Living is well known for its bathroom products. From toilet bowls to an amazing array of bathtub, you should be able to pick one that suits your bathroom.

Check out the whole range here.

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