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Wan Mei Dessert Review: Traditional Dessert Store with sweet treats!

Time for desserts.

We are always on the lookout for desserts, especially those traditional Chinese desserts. 

Besides Jin Yu Man Tang along East Coast Road, we also found another small hole-in-the-wall shop called Wan Mei Dessert tucked away in the corner of Odeon Katong.

The store's interior is decorated with dark emerald green walls, wooden tables, and stools. It gives out a Taiwanese cafe vibe when you step into it.

You can order a selection of hot and cold desserts for your treat. The desserts start at an affordable $4 per bowl. When we were there, we were offered the soft launch menu that consisted of the following

Hot Desserts
$4 per bowl 
  • Barley Gingko with Yuba
  • Black Sesame Paste
  • Cheng Tng
  • Pulut Hitam
  • Sweet Potato in Ginger Soup
  • Tang Yuan

$5 per bowl
  • Orh Nee
  • Peach Gum
  • Papaya Snow Fungus with Almond
Cold Desserts
$4 per bowl 
  • Barley Ginko with Yuba
  • Chng Tng
  • Chin Chow Longan & Sea Coconut
  • Red Tea Jelly Ice Dessert

$5 per bowl
  • Yuzu Ice Dessert
  • Lychee Ice Dessert
  • Mango Sago Pomelo
  • Peach Gum
  • Papaya Snow Fungus with Almond

$8 per bowl
  • Wan Mei Snow Ice Set

We ordered the Pulut Hitam and Orh Nee. Both are as good as desserts go. 

From reviews we read, the Wan Mei Snow Ice Set is the one to try when you are there. 


The cosy ambience is another reason Wan Mei would make an excellent stop after dinner along East Coast. So if you are looking for a spot to chill for the afternoon or evening, this will make a good stop for chit-chatting and a light dessert. 

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  1. My house there lol. It's dam good ... their snow ice. Especially matcha. Haven't tried hot dessert yet.

    1. We must try the cold desserts next time when we head there. Great for the Heatwave!

  2. Just tried their flavoured snow ice and one spoon of orh nee. Very very good recommendation. The flavour is integrated in the ice (very very tasty). Unique and relaxing place to sit in with lo-fi vintage background music. Nearby Katong laksa (the one that competed with Gordon Ramsey) (is just next door to this dessert shop) is also superb. I had both. Love this estate ☺️👍 cool blog!

  3. Nice blog. really deserves more traction


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