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Burger Frites Review : Cozy Burger Joint


Would you pay $20 for a burger?

For someone who is used to Fast Food hamburgers, paying $20 for a burger is a luxury we choose not to indulge in. However, with the recent price increase for food, this $20 seems more 'reasonable'. Since we started #hungrywackyeats, it seems like a good excuse for a meal.

Burger Frites was our destination. Nestled in the middle of Joo Chiat Road on a corner shophouse unit, this burger joint has been around for a few years. 

It comes highly rated, so we decided to venture in for a meal.
Simple and Cozy 

In terms of ambience, it has a dark theme with green tones.  The logo Burger Frites is promptly painted on both sides of the green walls. It feels like a cosy joint with premium leather seating that befits the price you pay for a meal.

Burger Frites interior

Nowadays, it is pretty common to order via the app. It could be a bit cumbersome at times if you need to customise your orders. If you are doing a large order, it would be best to order at the counter.

How to order from Burger Frites

Start by choosing the type of gourmet burger, followed by the type of patty and any other customisation. You can choose from Angus Beef, Fried Chicken Leg, Breaded & Fried Camenery Cheese or Plant-based beef patty.

B.F Classic Cheese Burger
Since we are all carnivores, we chose Angus Beef for our burgers.

Burger Bleu

We had a go at the B.F (Classic Cheese Burger) with lettuce, tomato, double cheddar, raw onions, ketchup and mustard. The burger bleu with lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, bacon and tartare sauce.  

Monsieur Patate
For those who prefer to have their burgers without vegetables, the Monsieur Palate is the one to get. It comes with double cheddar, potato hashbrowns, bacon, crispy onions and smokey bbq sauce. 

While the burger looks much smaller than fast food outlets, the filling was much more generous. You do not get a thin slice patty but one that resembles the photos on the menu. The crispy buns were great too, and we recommend eating them when served hot.

It can be quite filling despite the size. You probably could not eat it like a traditional burger as it is stacked high. 

Crazy Frites

To complete your meals, we recommend getting the crazy frites. They are hand-crafted fries that are topped with cheddar and bacon. It may be a tad pricy ( the small one starts from $6), but you can get a combo at a discounted price. 

Add a milkshake, and you will have the complete hamburger experience!

Milkshake from Burger Frites


Burger Frites would probably not be your everyday destination if you are looking for burgers due to the price. As a place for a treat, it works well. It may not be the best burger in town, but it works. This restaurant is a burger joint with little variety (save for a few snacks ) on the menu. This would be the place to go if you want a pure burger experience.

The views on this post are based on personal experiences and opinions. It may differ from your own. #notsponsored

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