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Origin Mattress Review : Hybrid Pro Mattress for maximum comfort


What has a trip down to 36 Kaki Bukit Place got to do with a mattress review?

By now, my readers would already know that this dad has a day job as a property agent. One of the things I would do for my clients is to source furniture for their rental apartment or for their own stay. On a mission for a quality bed at an affordable price, I decided to head to Origin showroom at 36 Kaki Bukit to check out and test out their beds.

Origin Mattress showroom

There are 2 versions of beds displayed in the workshop. The first is the classic Origin Hybrid Mattress, the other is the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress. While the former would be perfect for rentals, the latter was the one that caught my attention the moment I lay on it. 

While looking for mattresses for my clients, I am also on the lookout for a decent mattress for my boy who has inherited an 18-year-old mattress that is older than him. The moment I rested on the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress, I knew this was the bed for him.
Why Origin Mattress
Origin Mattress

During our hunt for a replacement bed, we wanted one that is both quality and functionality. Given the hot and humid weather in Singapore, we wanted a bed that has a cooling effect when you lie on it. Ideally, the bed should be plush with good support. Last but not least, while we found a few famous brands with some of the attributes, the retail prices were astonishing. 

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress has all of that at a price point that is much more affordable. As it is designed in Germany, we expected a high level of quality. Since it comes with a 120-day trial, we decided to order one back and try. You don't need to head down to the showroom to make an order, you could simply head online to order the Origin luxury mattress.  A disposal service is also available for a fee.
Origin Mattress

The Origin Mattress comes delivered within our stipulated time and is packed into a box. Unboxing and getting it ready took us less than 3 minutes. Check out our unboxing here.

Why do we like the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress?

Hybrid mattress with 6 layers
The first thing that hit me was how right the mattress feel. It has medium-firm support but not the usual hardness you associate with a  firm mattress. Due to its technological advance hybrid mattress with 6 layers, you can literally sink into the sofa.

The pro version has exclusive layers such as Polar Silk Tencel Natural wool to keep cool, ErgoCoil Micro Precision Springs for the zero motion you enjoy when someone sleeps beside you and 7 zones ErgoCoil Support Springs that give you orthopaedic support on the bed. It also comes with a mattress handle for easy handling and an adjustable base that bend and flex to follow the contour of any bed base to create the perfect support.

Ultra Cooling

Another reason that drew me to the mattress is the ability to have ultra-cooling. Through the combination of Polar Silk Tencel and wool, it will drop the temperature to 5℃ than the average mattress. With Singapore's hot weather, this is a godsend.

As parents, we always want the best for our children. The bed is great for people with allergies as it is anti-parasitic. This helps to eliminate bed bugs and dust mites. There is also anti-microbial treatment that eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses, this makes it a safe bed for children.

Today, sustainability and eco-friendly are important to consumers and brands. The mattress is made with REACH certified materials made without harmful chemicals, ozone depleters and volatile organic compounds.

The Verdict

The boy absolutely loves his new mattress. Finally, he can get a mattress that is 'younger' than him. As for the old man, I am as impressed with the mattress, maybe one day I will upgrade my 12-year-old mattress to one too!

The Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress starts from $999 for Single size to $1599 for King size bed. You could get your bed here.

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