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The Illusionists 2022 Review : Magic from Marina Bay Sands

The last 2 years were like a dream.

The world stood still. Many things that were taken for granted disappeared. This includes watching live shows or musicals at Sands Theatre. For a while, we wondered if we could say Abracadabra and turn the clock back to 2019. 

The Illusionist - Marina Bay Sands 2022

As it turns out, The Illusionists - Direct from Broaddway does its magic and brings us back to the good old days. The Illusionists is back in Singapore after a tour here in 2016. In case you miss the first show, the Illusionists is a magic show packed with jaw-dropping stunts, mind-boggling magic tricks, seemingly impossible mind-reading and lightning speed sleight of hand. This time around there is a mix of old and new faces. If you happen to find some acts familiar, you would have probably caught them on shows such as American Got Talent.

Instead of one headliner, you have a group of established magicians, illusionists and mentalists that come together to bring you a wonderful display of magic that would often leave you awestruck and bewildered. This group is touted as Magic's Cirque Du Soleil and the quality of the performance reminded us of Vegas-style entertainment we had seen during our last trip o US.

There are a total of 7 masterful performers who perform a few acts in between them. Without giving much away, here is what you can expect from the show.

The Master Magician

Luis De Matos is back as the Master Magician. His opening act of making fishes appear and disappear will is nothing short of amazing. His mind-reading tricks baffle the mind, especially when he made the audience do their own magic trick ( this is probably one of the best audience participation we have encountered)

It left us scratching our heads as to how it is done right before our eyes 

The Escapologist

Andrew Basso is recognised as the natural successor of Harry Houdini. Ranked as one of the top magicians of the 21st Century, he is well known as an Escape Artist and the Rock Star of Magic. Not only was his performance nail-biting, but his wits and charms also shine through during one of the more light-hearted performances of the show

The Unforgettable

Enzo Weyne as The Unforgettable is full of creativity and humour in his performances. There are moments when he would announce that he would share the magic with the audience, but instead, he added another layer of magic to his reveal. This makes him fun. Expect the unexpected for his act

The Warrior

We caught Aaron Crow nerve wreaking stunts on American Got Talent. his performances are considered to be one of the most dangerous and crazy acts

Getting volunteers from the audience, he attempts to slice pineapple with his samurai sword blindfolded and shoots an apple above a volunteer with a bow and arrow while being turned around and around. If you are in the audience, pray that you would not get selected as it will take nerves of steel to stand before the Warrior. The best part is that he does not utter a single word on stage but his presence is insanely electrifying.

The Manipulator

The Manipulator, Kim Hyun Joon, is the youngest magician in the group with the fastest hands. Cards seemingly appear out of nowhere. Stay for the bonus act after the finale for a tribute to Singapore!

The Deceptionist

The Deceptionist, James More will leave your jaw wide open. From the moment we saw him pierced through a pike right in front of our eyes and came out without a scratch, we could not believe what we see!

James More has also appeared on America's Got Talent.

The Designers

Another American Got Talent Alumni, Sos and Victoria dazzle with the Quick Change performance that had everyone guessing how did they do it. This award-winning couple is a Four Times World Champions of Quick Change illusion and it was our pleasure to have caught them live.

The Illusionist - Direct from Broadway is a great way to enjoy a June Holiday treat. The performance is suitable for both young and old. There is only a limited run from 3 to 17 June. Catch it before it disappears!

Special offers are still available. Book your tickets here.

TWD was invited to the media invite by Base Entertainment. The review was done on our own accord.

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