Aston Specialities @ Joo Chiat Review : Western Food fare


Craving for Western Food?

Aston Specialities has always been our choice for affordable western food fare.  

The outlet we visited was at Joo Chiat. Previously located along East Coast Road, this outlet has made its home at Joo Chiat Rd since 2022. It takes up the space of 2 shophouses, which gives it ample space for dine in.

In terms of location, it is a distance away from East Coast Road. The old outlet is a magnet for teens.  With this location, it may deter them from heading there as it is not as accessible.  However, with a carpark access and residential area surrounding it, this looks like an outlet made for families. 

Decor-wise, the Aston Specialities relies on extensive use of wood and bricks and have a vibe similar to old Western saloons with robes and pictures of Cowboys on the wall.

In terms of food selection, you have the usual fare of grilled chicken, steaks and fish of various flavours. There is also a selection of lamb chops, ribs, burgers and spaghetti on the menu. Price range from $10-$20++ with Japanese Wagyu Steak close to $50. Most orders include a selection of hot or cold side dishes.

For our meal, we decided to have the ASTON classic Cheesburger, Japanese Wagyu burger and Lemon Lime Chicken.


We kicked off the meal with a starter mushroom soup with bread. It is almost like Campbell's soup. 

ASTON Classic Cheeseburger
The burger is served without any sides. While the fillings are generous, the bun was just ok. It could do better with a little toast. The patty is a tad dry and not as juicy as we had expected.
Japanese Wagyu Burger

Japanese Wagyu burger

The Japanese Wagyu burger hits differently. The Wagyu beef was tender and juicy at the same time. Compared to the ASTON cheeseburger, this is on another level.  Priced at $22.90, we do expect it to come with sides, but unfortunately, it does not if you order a-la-carte. Nonetheless, look out for promotions that may sweeten the deal.

Chargrilled Chicken

This is probably the bread and butter of Aston. It's decently priced for a meal in a restaurant and comes with 2 side dishes. In terms of taste, it probably ranks a tad higher than the regular western food stores in hawker centres.

The Aston Specialities is a good place to go as a family. It has a soothing atmosphere with its bright and western decor. While the food is not exactly one that one would rave about, it is palatable. It is good that it is budget-friendly too!

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