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Skinny Chef @ Changi Road Review : XXL Fried Chicken Cultet and more!


#Hungrywackyeats heads to a Kopitiam

Since we started this series, we want to try as many food options as possible. Other than restaurants, we do head to kopitiams or hawkers to check out the individual stalls for review. 

During this round, we head to Skinny Chef, located at Kim San Leng @ Changi Road. Kim San Leng has been newly renovated and has added new stalls, including Skinny Chef.  Skinny chef is a western food stall. 
The name Skinny chef might be a tad confusing given the food served but it has deeper roots as both chefs that started this stall are rather skinny in stature. This is their second outlet with the first one located at Hougang.

SKinny Chef

The stall serves up a decent option of western fares such as chicken chop, lamp chop, steak, spaghetti, burgers, finger food and more. We tried their signature XXL Chicken Cutlet and Spaghetti Aglio Olio for this round.

XXL Chicken Cutlet

The XXL Chicken Cutlet is served with a generous portion of nacho cheese sauce, sous vide egg and selected sides. The first impression is that it is a beautiful dish. Our cutlet comes in 2 pieces which is befitting the XXL label.

The chicken is crispy and thin, making it easy to chew and digest. The sous vide egg adds a touch of class. As for the sides, you can opt for other options such as fries, garden salad and more.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

Available as a side or a main dish, the main dish comes with a generous portion of prawns and sous vide egg. The presentation was simple and elegant. The spaghetti tasted as nice as what we tried in restaurants.

Kim San Leng
As a western food stall in Kopitiam, this has been one of the well-presented ones. The food served is familiar with a touch of flair. It is worth giving it a shot if you are in the vicinity!

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