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Solar Generators - The key to having power in your house, no matter rain or shine

Solar Generators will be the eco-friendly power source for the next generation.

With the notion of going 'green' in today's society, there is a greater emhapsis on alternative power sources. From electrical cars to solar power, many had been exploring ways to contribute to the environment by adopting more green-friendly power sources.

Solar power has been around for decades and had been touted as a viable energy source for the future. In today's urban cities, where most are living in skyscrapers, having a solar-powered system may not be possible. This is because most buildings especially the older ones are not equipped with solar power panels. 

With the advance in technology, companies like Ecoflow provide a cutting-edge solution with the use of portable Solar Generators with its range of Portable Power Stations such as the DELTA and the RIVER series. With the recent spike in electricity fees, the popularity of alternative power sources such as portable power stations is on the rise. This is especially so for power stations that adopt the use of Solar Energy. Ecoflow pushes the envelope on renewable energy with its latest range of solar generators.

Why Solar Power

Source: Ecoflow

Solar Generators are portable battery systems that harnessed the power of the sun with solar panels. This renewable energy source would be able to power many home appliances. Portable ones are also useful to carry on the road.

The good thing about solar generators is that they will work regardless of rain or shine. The Solar panels are used to capture the sun's energy into solar generators. These are stored in the power stations' built-in battery for future consumption. Even without direct sunlight, these units can be charged if they are exposed to light, allowing charges with the dimmest of sunlight. While it may take a longer time to charge, it is still possible to do so in overcast conditions.

It is more eco-friendly as there are no air pollutants such as greenhouse gases from these units. The amount of energy the generators are capable of will be dependent on the power rating of the solar panels. The larger the watts, the more power it will store.

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EcoFlow Solar Panels

Source: Ecoflow

EcoFlow Portable Solar Panels is the answer for urban dwellers to utilize the sun's energy. It has a range of solar panels that range from 60W to a massive 400W. For portability and power on the go, the 110W would be most ideal for a day out. The 400W would make a suitable home companion on the balcony or open patio.

Source: Ecoflow

The Solar panels are rated IP68 and are water and dust-resistant. It has an industry-leading solar conversion efficiency of up to 23% and is 10% smaller than similar portable solar panels on the market. It comes with a case that doubles as a stand. Lastly, it is foldable which gives it portability.

Source: Ecoflow

For more power, you can connect multiple solar panels to an Ecoflow Power Station via the Ecoflow Solar Parallel Connection cable. More solar panels equate to a speedier charge and increase the ability to charge a higher-watt power station faster.

Source: Ecoflow

DELTA or RIVER, which one should I pick?

For those new to EcoFlow, it may be daunting to choose the right unit as they have 8 different types of portable power stations to choose from. The 2 main series are the  River and the Delta Series. 

Source: Ecoflow

The River series would be compact portable power stations that would suffice to charge devices on the go. It comes in mini versions that hold 6 times more charge than a power bank while the pro version gives a generous output of 1440Wh which is good for charging 10 different devices.

Source: Ecoflow

The Delta series would be the heavy-duty range with a maximum output that can produce a whopping 7200W, enough to power up a mid-size house, let alone charge a Tesla.

Here is a closer look at the different series and their uses.

RIVER Series 

While the RIVER series is useful in the house for emergency needs, we think the strength lies in its portability, making it suitable for outdoor use


Source: Ecoflow

300W AC output to power up your devices on the go. Comes with 8 outlets and makes a good multi-charger in your house for your devices.


Source: Ecoflow

600W AC output that is great for a long road trip. Add a 110W solar panel and it will be perfect for a day camping trip


Source: Ecoflow

600W AC output with a capacity of 576Wh. It allows you to go off-grid for an overnight trip. A 220W Solar Panel will charge it within 3 hours.


Source: Ecoflow

600W AC output with a capacity 1440Wh. This is the Big Brother of the RIVER Series. Expand your horizons with this unit. This can even be used as a home backup with sufficient power to power up a refrigerator or lights for a couple of hours.

DELTA Series 

The more powerful DELTA series is built for home use. It could be your standby generator in case of blackouts or your alternate source of power in areas where power points are lacking. This is the perfect solar power station for rain or night. Power it with Ecoflow Solar Panels and you could see your electrical bills tumbling.

DELTA mini

Source: Ecoflow

1400W AC output with a capacity of 882Wh. The Delta mini is a pint-sized powerhouse despite its namesake. It can power up to 90% of devices in the house.


Source: Ecoflow

1800W AC output with a capacity of 1.2 kWh. This basic model covers the bases as it can power up almost anything. Sufficient power to even power up a refrigerator for 12 hours. Connect a 400W solar panel and you could charge it as fast as 5 hours.


Source: Ecoflow

2400W AC output with a capacity of 6.048 kWh. This beast is best suited for landed properties. You will never be in the dark again. Can be used for 3 days to power up 4 lights, a fan, router, laptop, and smartphone! 


Source: Ecoflow

Up to 7200W with a maximum of 25 kWh. With a mix of additional batteries and the use of solar power, you could easily power up a home for days or even weeks. If you plan on using a power station as a source for charging your electric car, this unit could power up a fleet with a single charge!

Entice to get your own power station and solar generators? 

Source: Ecoflow

Check out the full range of EcoFlow Power Stations available here

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