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Airfares for Singapore favourite holiday destination for December School Holidays


Do you know where Singapore's favourite holiday destination is?

Based on a survey by statisa, these are the most popular countries that Singaporean love to visit.

Based on the list, we check out the airfares from Singapore Airlines to the individual countries. We use Singapore Airlines as a gauge as it has coverage of all the above destinations. Our Travel dates will be set from Dec 1 to Dec 7 for all destinations for a fair comparison.

If you are planning a holiday, you need this list!

*Prices as of 12 Sep

1 Japan 
Fr $1,438 per PAX  
fR $5,752 FOR 4 ADULTS

Although Japan has not fully opened up, there are talks that they will scape most restrictions by October. This would mean tourists will flock to Japan when that happens. If you want to book a holiday, it is best to book them now! 

Flights are from $1438 onwards and can reach as high as $2682. There are only Economy Standard and Economy Flexi applicable for the departure flights. The cheaper Lite and Value are not available. If the announcement for opening is made, we anticipate these prices to rise. 

For a family of 4 (based on adult price), it will cost a minimum $5,752 for a trip. Back in June, this was as high as $8000!

2 Taiwan
fR $635 FOR 1 pax
fR $2,540 FOR 4 aDULTS

For Singaporeans holidaymakers, Taiwan is still out of bounds. There is still a temporary ban on foreign nationals entering Taiwan except for residents. Foreigners can enter for purposes of visiting family, studying and conducting business.

The lowest price is at $635 per pax. This makes for good value... if you can go.

3 South Korea
Fr $1,043 per pax
Fr $4,172 

With uncertainty from Japan and Taiwan, the next top destination will be South Korea. With the popularity of Korea Dramas on Netflix, it will not be surprising that most will target South Korea as a destination.

While the lowest fare starts at $1043, the timing is somewhat off, with arrival time at 2200. Fares have been steadily rising from a month ago.

4 New Zealand
Fr $3,654 per pax
Fr $14,616 FOR 4 aDULTS

The good news is that New Zealand has removed all restrictions. The bad news is that it will be summer in NZ in December. 

The other thing about going to NZ is that the airfares are expensive.

A trip there could cost as much as $14,416 for a family of 4!

Fr $1,722 Per pax
Fr $6,888 FOR 4 aDULTS

Australia has always been a popular choice, especially since it has lifted most travel restrictions. 

A trip to Perth would cost $1,722 per pax, while a trip to Sydney would be $2,299. These are pretty high compared to pre-Covid prices. It is also a lot more when compared to Asia destinations.

6 Thailand
Fr $603 per pax
Fr $2,412 FOR 4 aDULTS

Thailand will make an excellent short getaway destination. Hotel and holiday expenses are affordable. Flight tickets are affordable too!

The cheapest fare is from $603. There are probably cheaper flights from other airways but if you want to support local, SQ is the way to go.

7 MAlaysia
Fr $261 per pax
Fr $1,044 FOR 4 aDULTS

You can always drive to Malaysia. However, if you are planning a trip to KL, you can opt for a flight there.

Malaysia is probably the cheapest on the list. So much so that you can plan a trip every weekend!

8 Switzerland
Fr $2.140 per pax
Fr $8,560 FOR 4 aDULTS

Europe is another favourite destination. Switzerland tops the list

Fares start from $2,140, which is cheaper than New Zealand!

9 China

A Trip to China nowadays is a high-risk affair. Other than the restrictions imposed, there is a threat of a lockdown while on holiday. Most likely, most will avoid this as a holiday destination. There are limited flights to China right now.

Fr $3,138 per pax
Fr $12,552 FOR 4 aDULTS

UK is another popular destination in Europe. There are castles, football clubs and fish and chips to enjoy.

Flights starts from $3138 per pax. 

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