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Here’s How to Enjoy the Perfect Staycation

Looking for an ultra-relaxing and enjoyable vacation, but have neither the time nor the budget to travel far?

Or perhaps you’re hoping to get a quick and effortless break from your busy life? In such cases, you may want to consider going on a staycation as opposed to travelling very far away from home and doing any strenuous activities.

Unlike typical vacations that require a sizable budget, consecutive days off, and months of planning, staycations are cost-effective and easy to pull off. By going on a staycation, you can enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits of regular out-of-town trips sans the usual hassle and stress—provided you do it right. To experience the perfect staycation in a country like Singapore, consider the following tips:

Choose the Right Hotel

To ensure that your staycation feels like a real vacation, you may need to find accommodation with superb amenities to evoke a luxurious dream getaway. Book a hotel with an impressive pool, Jacuzzi, poolside bar, spa, or other resort-like features so that you can have the most relaxing time even if you don’t take a single step outside. You can swim, soak in some vitamin D from the hotel’s patio, or enjoy a refreshing drink while listening to relaxing music.

Besides looking at the facilities, you may also want to consider the location of your chosen hotel. Opt for a hotel near exciting attractions and activities, especially if you plan to explore the area and act like a tourist for a day or two. For instance, you can try booking a room in one of the many impressive hotels near Singapore airport if you reside in the Lion City. The many sights and sounds in Changi Airport alone are enough to keep you preoccupied.

Live in the Moment

Instead of scheduling every little detail of your day and getting upset when you fail to do things as planned, it’s best to slow down and live in the moment. Remember that you’re going on a staycation to relax and unwind, not to stress yourself out even more. Do whatever you feel is good for your body and soul. There’s no need to rush just for the sake of checking items off your to-do list. 

Do you feel too sleepy to go out and have breakfast? Don’t hesitate to sleep in and enjoy a satisfying brunch later. Explore the area when you feel like dressing up and meeting people. Or, you can simply enjoy the amenities in your room, catch up on your favourite television series, and pamper yourself with room service. Be spontaneous and walk around aimlessly near your area; this will allow you to appreciate your surroundings and savour your “me time” to the fullest.

Go Offline

One of the best ways to fully enjoy your staycation is to leave your usual routine and responsibilities behind and focus on doing the things you love. Keep in mind that while your work and social life are essential, both can wait for a couple of days when you’re in staycation mode. Take the time to inform your friends and colleagues that you won’t be checking your emails and text messages during your staycation.

Going offline during your staycation will eliminate unnecessary distractions and allow you to fast from using digital technologies. How you go about your digital fast is up to you. It could mean turning your phone off or temporarily disabling notifications from your messaging or emailing apps. Find a strategy that works for your situation. Who knows? Maybe you’ll rediscover your love for reading, journaling, or drawing when you’re not too busy scrolling through your social media feeds or updating your colleagues about the project you’re managing.

Prioritise Self-Care

Although you’re free to do whatever you like during your staycation, make sure that healthy self-care comes first. Drinking, partying hard, and eating unhealthy foods may be fun and exciting for a time, but over-indulging may defeat the purpose of your vacation. If you don’t exercise caution, you might end up feeling ill, exhausted, or stressed out by the time you get back to work.

There are several ways that you can prioritise self-care habits during your break. Take a nature walk, go to the hotel gym, or swim in the pool for exercise. Limit your alcohol intake and eat healthily. Most importantly, get a sufficient amount of sleep because ample rest is the best way to recharge and re- energise your mind and body.

Tie Up Loose Ends

How can you enjoy your break when you’re constantly thinking about whether you’ve sent in a final report for work, paid your utility bills, or carried out other essential tasks before leaving? To keep your mind at ease and reduce your stress upon going back to the office, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve completed everything you need to do before packing your stuff and leaving for the hotel.

Be sure to complete your work commitments and account for every single thing you need to accomplish when you return. Going back to work mode may be challenging after a few relaxing days away, but a dedicated to-do list can help you get back on track. You may also want to clean and organise your workstation before going on staycation mode so that you won’t have to worry about returning to a messy, stress-inducing work environment.

Going on a staycation may not be as extravagant as travelling halfway around the world, but it’s undoubtedly a sensible and enjoyable alternative. With the proper mindset and a bit of planning and preparation, your staycation can be one of the best things you can do to relax, recharge, and refresh your mind and body. You can do all this without breaking the bank or significantly disrupting your work schedule.

The next time you need a respite from your busy life, remember the tips above to enjoy the perfect staycation experience. Relax and unwind on your terms, at your own pace, so that you can come back to the real world feeling rejuvenated.

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