LEGO Star Wars and Harry Potter Plush Toys : Christmas gift ideas!

LEGO is going soft.

At one time, LEGO is famous for its hard bricks.

We just found out LEGO USA has these adorable plushies for sale on their online stores. Apparently, they had been around for a while, but it has not hit the shores of Singapore.

These are the new ones that are selling at LEGO USA

  • LEGO Star Wars 5007136 Darth Vader Plush
  • LEGO Star Wars 5007137 Stormtrooper Plush
  • LEGO Star Wars 5007456 Rey Plush
  • LEGO Star Wars 5007457 The Mandalorian Plush
  • LEGO Star Wars 5007459 R2-D2 Plush

Star Wars Plushies 

The Plush toys sells for US 26.99 to US31.99

Harry Potter Plushies

 There are also some Harry Potter Plush Toys available. Some are already sold out , but you can still get your hands on Harry Potter Plush, Hermione Granger Plush and Lord Voldemort Plush.

The plush toys are available at LEGO USA or on Amazon

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