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McDonald's Pikachu Carrier coming on Sep 8!

You have to catch this!

Hot on the heels of the recent Pokemon toys and Meals packaging, McDonald's will launch a Pikachu Carrier on September 8!

Just yesterday, Mcdonald's launched new packaging for its meal. These pokemon printed cups and packaging are fast becoming a firm favourite.

Today we spotted a new sign outside McDonald's announcing that a Pikachu Carrier will be launched on Sept 8!

Mcdonald's Pikachu Carrier

While there are no official photos of the carrier, McDonald's Taiwan has a similar promo, and it looks like this.

Source: Pokemon.TCG.Official.Taiwan

Each customer is limited to one carrier with every McDonald's Happy Meal purchase. It is unknown how much it will cost, but we are confident you will see it on Carousell at an inflated price for those desperate to catch them all.

Will you join in the frenzy on 8 Sep?

Check out the unboxing here!

*These are available in Singapore

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