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McDonald's Pokemon Collection Sep 2022 : Catch them all!

McDonald's had gone ga-ga with their Pokemon Collaborations for Sep 2022.
This month, they are launching not one but at least 4 different Pokemon promotions all in the same month in Singapore. 

As a result, this overload of Pokemon goodness had probably thrown off a few media outlets, with some providing wrong dates for launch and misinformation about how certain products will look.  It does not help when McDonald's does not update the information on its website.

We decide it is time to set the record straight for those who want to catch it all! 

Here are the chronological dates of what will be launched in Singapore!

Pokemon Happy Meal Toys: Pokemon Accessories
Launch :  25 August to 21 Sep

These are the current Happy meals toys featuring accessories from Pokemon. There are 2 different toys per week and will end on 21 September.

Pokemon Theme McPepper, Pulut Hitam Pie and Teh C Frappe
Launch:  1 September

Some collectors go crazy on everything Pokemon. It will not be surprising that many will buy these items to collect the packaging and cups. Personally, of the lot, we think the cups are worth collecting as it can be reused. 

These are available from Sep 1 and will be for a limited run.

McDonald's Pikachu Carrier
Launch:  8 September

Standee was spotted all over McDonald's Singapore promoting the McDonald's Pikachu Carrier. While there are speculations that the carrier will be in the form of a head similar to past Hello Kitty and My Melody carrier, we think it will be a full-body carrier similar to the ones launched at McDonald's Taiwan in July. This is based on the standee design and the fact that there is an existing McDonald's product.

We think this one will be a sell-out and probably lead to a frenzy at McDonald's

McDonald's Pokemon Trading Card Games
Launch : To Be Advised

While this is still speculative, the telltale sign will be that the Marketing for it is already official at McDonald's website. Based on the McPepper launch, there is a Pokemon Trading Card Game Logo on the same marketing material. 

While details are lacking, based on the Pokemon trading cards launched in USA and UK this month, we think it will come in a 4-game card booster pack, card box coin and spinner. While dates are not confirmed, this will likely be a Happy meal giveaway. Since McDonald's would likely not clash with the current promotion, this looks slanted for launch after Sept 21.

The Pikachu Carrier comes with a random Pokeom Card and a Playmat. We think that this will be the trading card game mentioned in the marketing materials, and there will most likely be NO different trading card game promo!

There you go. This is the list of McDonald's x Pokemon collaborations for September 2022 in Singapore.

Will you catch them all? 

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