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Insta360 x3 Review : The Ultimate Content Creator Camera

Still, taking videos on your phone?

Step up your TikTok / Instagram / Facebook game with the new Insta360 x3. If you are a solo creator in the digital space, the Insta360 x3 will become your ultimate personal video assistant. You no longer need a friend, a crew or even a drone to film your videos. Insta360 x3 will do that for you. 

Moreover, editing would not take hours but minutes using the Insta360 app on your phone, tablet or PC. You can shoot, edit on the go and upload in a jiffy compared to the traditional way of long download time, framing, stitching and editing. You do not need to be a pro to do this. As long as you are familiar with basic video editing and have a creative mind, the possibilities are endless!

What is the Insta360 x3?
Insta360 x3 2.29" Touchscreen 
The Insta 360 x3 is the latest 360 camera to join the Insta360 family. It is essentially an action camera that shoots more than just action videos. It practically captures the scene around you, making it possible to create 360 videos (hence the name).
Insta350 Battery Pack

Insta360 may have been in the market for a few years, but they have since taken the lead on action 360 cameras. The new Insta360 x3 steps up the game with a large 2.29 touchscreen and improves 1/2' 48 MP sensors. In addition, it comes with a  1800mAH Battery that allows you to capture up to 81 minutes of footage in 5.7K mode.

The insta360 weighs only 180g and fits into your pocket. You have essential functions such as the power button, quick menu and camera toggle. It is easy to use as you simply shoot and do your edits on the apps for post-production. As it captures a 360 image, you can always frame your shots as you wish without missing any details that are not in your line of sight.

Accessories in the box

Key Features
Underneath the 180-gram palm-size device holds a powerful camera that puts most of its peers in shame. Here are some of its features that stood out from the Insta360 x3; if you prefer to see it in action rather than read about it, check out our beginner video guide here.

Large Touchscreen
Compared to the predecessors with a small window, the Insta360 x3  had a complete overhaul and comes with a 2.29 touchscreen. As a result, you can view what you are shooting and check the 360 videos and photos taken. In addition, a large screen estate helps with the workflow when you are filming.

High Resolution
The Insta360 x3 captures 5.7k 360 videos with Active HDR. For photos, it can take up to 72MP images that capture stunning details. It also captures 360 timelapse in 8k, ensuring you have one of the best quality the market can offer.

3 Cameras in one
The insta360 is more than just a gimmicky 360 camera. There are other ways to capture an image or video. You can use it like a standard action cam with Single Lens Mode at ultra-wide 4K. You can even use the front camera like a selfie cam, seeing yourself on the big screen while filming. 

Shoot First, Reframe Later

Due to its singular view, you would always worry about angles with a conventional camera. With this 360 camera, you just need to mount it and record. You can choose your best angles using easy reframing tools such as keyframe on the insta360 app. It is straightforward and intuitive to use the app, and with a few touches, you can control the quality and colour and even frame it as a landscape or portrait mode for Tiktok or Instagram reels.

We were impressed with what we could get out of the device. The images and videos would be impossible with a standard camera. 

Tricks with the Insta360 x3

With the invisible selfie stick, the stick is automatically stitched out of the footage. This creates impressive third-person views, and your videos would seem like it was taken by a dedicated cameraman instead of you.

With Me mode, you can also shoot invisible selfie shots at 60fps without reframing. This would make post-production a breeze. Other tricks you can do include Bullet time, where you can create a Matrix-like slow-motion effect by swinging the device in a circle.

Loop recording would transform X3 into a dashcam. It continuously records videos but only saves the final minutes according to set intervals to save space on the memory card. This would be great when you are anticipating an event such as fireworks.

Action Ready
One of the main points of Action Cameras is stability. The X3 six-axis gyroscope and FlowState stabilization keep the video ultra-stable. We had tried it out on a fast-speed luge ride, and the captured video was buttery smooth.

The insta360 X3 is also waterproof up to 10m. You can use it underwater, but from what we tested, videos can be distorted. It is best to use it with an Insta360 Dive case to get the best effect.

Easy-to-Use Video Editing App
Editing on insta360 can be done on the app or on a computer. We prefer to do it as it is more intuitive to reframe images for videos or photos. In addition, you can use AI to auto-frame your shots, saving you time for editing. 

The static 360 photos you took can also be animated with various effects in the app to bring life into them.

Learning how to use the app is a straightforward affair. We reckon you would master most of the basics in just an hour or two after fiddling with it.

Other than the Insta360 x3, to enhance your filming experience, get the invisible selfie stick. The standard one is available at 1.2m. If you plan to do pseudo drone shots, a 3m pole is available. 
Add a lens cap to protect your lens, as it can be quickly taken on and off between scenes.

Insta360 x3 Invisible Stick

Other add-ons include a dive case, bike adapters, mic adapter, fast charge hub and more. We reckon you probably do not need the whole lot, so get what you need. 

You can get your insta360 and accessories straight from the insta360 store here.
It is available as a standalone from USD 449.99, and you can upgrade to various kits.

Alternatively, you can get it from the Insta360 official store on Amazon 

If you are a content creator. The Insta360 X3 is one camera you should have in your arsenal. With the influx of content creators, you need to stand out from the crowd. With the Insta360 x3, it will alleviate your videos and make it one that is truly unforgettable.

For own personal use, this device is excellent for travelling, social media updates and more. So ditch that chunky Dslr or even the one-dimensional smartphone. The insta360 X3 is all the camera you need and more!

Get your Insta360 x3 from the following links

TWD was provided with a unit for review. All opinions are our own.

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