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So Pho Parkway Parade: Value Vietnamese Meals

 Looking for a valued Vietnamese meal in a modern setting?

So Pho is a restaurant chain that sells authentic and traditional Vietnamese Food.

They have more than a dozen outlets and are found mainly in shopping malls. We headed to the one at Parkway Parade to try out their dishes

First impression

We like the clean, modern look of the restaurant. Despite the small footprint, they can fit in approximately 60 seats without it being cramped. The vibe is more cafe than Vietnamese.

The menu

Unlike some of the traditional Vietnamese restaurants we frequent in Joo Chiat, the menu at So Pho is simpler. Dishes are well presented on the menu, and you can see the photos of the dishes. You can also opt to add on to your dishes should you wise to upsize it. Most of the dishes are in the form of a main course instead of separate dishes.

While there are no la la or other shellfish dishes, if you are looking for a main course with an appetizer, the menu should suit 90% of the crowd. 

gỏi cuốn thập cẩm

The gỏi cuốn thập cẩm is our usual go to appetizer. They are summer rolls with prawn, grilled chicken and chicken ham. This version was less loaded with spices than the ones we had at Joo Chiat Vietnamese restaurant. Nonetheless, it is decent enough for us to recommend it as a starter.

Bun Cha Gio Bo Nuong

While Pho is a favourite for those partaking in Vietnamese dishes, we decided to try Bun instead. Bun is a traditional Vietnamese vermicelli-style noodle. It is lighter to our tastebuds and makes us feel like we are eating healthier. 

Combining beef, fried spring rolls, and vegetables makes this dish a satisfying meal. The portion was bigger than expected, and one should be filled after finishing it.

Bun Xao

The other Bun option we took was the Pho Xao. This dish resembles hor fan, and it comes with a choice of premium marble beef, normal beef, chicken or vegetarian. Like the first dish we tried, the portion was outstanding. 

So Pho Parkway Parade
If you are craving a fast, fuss-free, singular Vietnamese meal, we think So Pho would not disappoint. We would gladly be back to try their steam rice combo and Pho combo the next time around!

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