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15 Currencies at 1 Year Low against SGD - Where to go for your next holiday


MAS tightens monetary policy to fight inflation on Friday.

They will re-centre the mid-point of the Singapore dollar nominal effective rate. In layman's terms, MAS will allow Singapore Dollar to appreciate. The main goal would be to make imports cheaper and hopefully stop the rising prices of goods and services.

To most of us, this may not mean much. However, one positive impact would be that you would enjoy a 'cheaper' holiday this coming November/December. As a result of the tightening, 10 currencies are close to an all-time low against SGD for 2022. 


Who is going down under?

Earlier this year, AUD was stronger than SGD at 0.98. It has since dropped to a low of 1.13. This means it is now 15% cheaper to get a house in Australia. If you had bought a house earlier this year... oops! 


The low for the year was 1 SGD to 0.63 GBP. Today, we are 1 SGD to 0.65 GBP. This is still stronger than the 0.55 recorded earlier for the year. It would be 15% cheaper to head to Manchester to watch the wonderboy  Haaland in action at the English Premier League.


You would have thought that CAD would follow USD and show strength against SGD. On the contrary, it has weakened from 0.91 to 0.97, making it 7% cheaper to travel to take a hike at Rocky Mountain or marvel at Niagara falls.


While travel restrictions is still in place, the fall of CNY from 4.63 to a low of 5.04 means it is worth a second look. 

At 9% cheaper, China would be a good place to visit. Alternatively, you can always head to AliExpress for some cheaper goods.


We are close to the low for EUR at 1 SGD to 0.72 EUR. Great for those planning a treat to experience winter in Europe. At 13% cheaper, it is worth it to head there for the Gucci, LV and Hermes.


The Rupiah enjoys a see-saw ride with SGD. It hovers up and down between 10400 t0 10800. The current price of 1 SGD to 10834 IDR is near the year's low. It is now 3% cheaper to head to Indonesia today. 


With the opening up of Japan effectively from Oct 11, it would mean that more people will be planning a trip there. Japan is the country that the majority would love to visit for holidays. 

The Japanese Yen hit a low of 1 SGD to 104.32 on Oct 14 after the announcement from MAS. Compared to 82 for this year's low, it is almost 27% cheaper to travel to Japan today!


Korean Won has breached 1000 and is now at an all-time high of 1009.59 in over 20 years!

The year low was 863, making it 26% cheaper to travel to Korea today.


Planning a trip off the beaten track?

LAOS is a good destination to consider. It has fallen from 7512 to 11803. This is 57% cheaper to travel there today! 


Back in May, the Ringgit had a spike to 3.30. Today, we are just a touch away at 3.29. Compared with 3.07 in March 2022, it is 7% cheaper to head across the causeway today.


When we often talk about Australian Dollars, we always check on NZD as they tend to move in tandem. From 1 low of 1.03 a year ago, NZD is now 1.26 against SGD. This is a whopping 22% cheaper for those looking to get to Middle Earth and have a Lord of the Rings experience.


If you are heading to the Philippines, good news!

From a low of 36.47,  it is now at 41.32. It is now 13 % cheaper to travel to the Philippines today.


If you ever wish to head on a safari, this is the best time to do so!

The Rand has weakened from 10.79 to 12.86. It is now 19% cheaper to head to Madagascar


Taiwan is another country that is opening up its doors to travellers.

A year ago, Taiwan dollars were at 20.19. Today 1 SGD will get you 22.39. This means it is now close to 11% cheaper to visit the night markets of Taiwan


The land of smiles has always been a popular holiday destination.

From a low of 23.85 in Feb, it is now at a year-high of 26.8. This means it is now 12% cheaper to go to Bangkok for shopping.

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