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LUMOS ATOM Review - Powerful and Portable Projector for Indoor and Outdoor!


LUMOS has upgraded its projector range with the introduction of LUMOS ATOM.

It would be an understatement to say that we are bona fide fans of LUMOS. Having experienced their wide range of projectors from their original LUMOS AURO from the early days of the pandemic to the LUMOS ATOM, LUMOS had kept us company throughout our time at home. 


Having a projector at home means sharing the big screen with the family. With the advancement in technology, each generation brings to the table something extra that deserves an upgrade. The LUMOS ATOM is no exception. In fact, with its extensive features, it will no doubt become the flagship of the company.

Small but Mighty

If you are in the market for an upgrade or want to add a projector to your entertainment system, these are 10 reasons why you should consider the LUMOS ATOM.

Feature Pack

1 First impression - Small, Slick and Modern

The LUMOS ATOM defines portability with a device that can fit into the palm of your hand. Clad in brush metallic casing, this cylinder-shaped device is unlike the chunky projector one might be accustomed to. On first impression, it is sleek and would fit perfectly into any modern home.

With its diminutive size measuring only 16 cm tall, you can easily fit this into a backpack. Weighing a mere 800g, you can simply pick this up and bring it to any part of the house or outdoors. It is not the smallest in the LUMOS range; that honour belongs to the LUMOS NANO. However, there is a reason for the bigger size due to the impressive specs of the LUMOS ATOM.

The LUMOS ATOM also comes with a lid cover that helps protect the lens if you bring it on your camping trip.

2  Small in size, big in projection

Project up to 300 inches

Despite its small size, it can project up to 300-inch screens anywhere you go. That is a whopping 7.62 m and exceeds the usual screen size of 100-150 inch portable projectors. This is the best in class for the range LUMOS carries, equalling the fantastic but bigger LUMOS AURO.

3 Native 1080p

Native 1080p

The Native 1080p ensures a sharpness on the screen that is pleasing to the eye. During our test, we can see the apparent difference compared to a lower range 720p model, with vibrant and crystal clear images.  

Sharp and Detailed

With 6000 lumens Premium Digital Light Processing (DLP)Tech, you will have an image that can even be used during the day.

Watchable been in bright direct daylight

The above is the LUMOS ATOM in action during the daytime. This was without curtains and full afternoon light. Images remain clear and crisp compared to other models. This is far superior to projectors rated 1500-3000 lumens, where images would be whitewashed and unwatchable.

We highly recommend the use of a projector screen for maximum viewing performance. You can get a screen from LUMOS here.

4 keystone correction

Auto Focus

The best way to project the LUMOS ATOM is straight facing the screen. However, if you need to place it at an angle, the Auto Focus and Keystone Correction will adjust your screen and focus in seconds. 

There is also a manual option for those placing it at a tight angle. You get to see some projection shadows, but the original images remain in shape. This also means you can position the projector almost anywhere due to keystone correction.

5 Inbuilt Netflix + youtube

Youtube and Netflix built-in

When you get a projector, always opt for the smart option that would include built-in apps. Getting one without would require additional hardware, such as a setup box or computer. 

The LUMOS ATOM comes pre-installed with Netflix and Youtube, the two more popular apps among users. Although we would love to see Prime Video and Disney + added to the list, you can easily download them on Google Playstore or Aptoide without much fuss. There is also Chrome preloaded for you to browse the Internet.

Fast Loading Youtube

The LUMOS ATOM operates on Android System and comes with WiFi-Bluetooth support. There is also ample storage for downloading movies from Netflix to watch them on the go. We also found the LUMOS ATOM to be speedier than its predecessors.

Download Movies

6 Watch outdoors or EVEN on the ceiling

You only need a wall or even a ceiling to project your images. The best image would be on texture-free walls. If you do not have a 'spare' wall, you can project the image on the ceiling for an omi theatre-like experience. However, We do not recommend it for the long term, especially if you are prone to headaches. Keeping the projector in place for ceiling projection is also challenging with the cylinder shape. Alternatively, it has a screw-hole below to fit and usual camera tripod to easily point upwards.

Great for outdoor with projector screen

Our best experience comes from the projection on a dedicated screen. A dedicated screen means you can watch your favourite movies or sports anywhere. With a 2 hours wireless playtime, the LUMOS ATOM would be perfect for the movie by the pool or even a camping trip. 

Can attached tripod

We recommend pairing it up with a portable tripod so you can position the LUMOS ATOM anywhere you want. The LUMOS ATOM also has a rear projection if you have the space.

7 Wireless Mirror Casting

Wireless Casting

To enhance its capability, built-in Airplay is included. 

You can use it to view TikTok on the big screen, make zoom calls or even play games on the go. The setup is easy using Wi-Fi, and the projection was relatively smooth when we tried it. However, note that the Wi-Fi's strength can affect the connectivity.

8 Need a speaker?

The LUMOS ATOM doubles up as a portable Bluetooth Speaker. The speakers are engineered with Dolby Audio Speakers to provide a decent sound, especially for movies. Nonetheless, we do find the bass lacking in music. This is a common limitation with portable projectors because of their small sizes.

Alternatively, you can pair the LUMOS ATOM with an external speaker to enhance the viewing experience. As for daily usage, the inbuilt speakers get the job done.

9 Connectivity

The LUMOS ATOM has a surprisingly wide range of connectivity.

Good connectivity

It has 2 USB ports, including one that allows you to charge devices. It also has an HDMI port to connect media boxes, laptops and other devices. Finally, it comes with an Audio Jack to connect to headphones and external speakers.

10 Full Remote

Comes with Remote

The LUMOS ATOM comes with remote control with a built-in mouse. This is useful, especially for Netflix App, where control via a mouse is easier. Moreover, the gyroscopic remote control /mouse works well without needing a separate mouse. 


Even without a remote, you can still control the LUMOS ATOM as it comes with a  trackpad on the top of the unit to control play, volume, mouse and Bluetooth.


Every home should have one.

Having experienced the full suite of LUMOS projectors, we think that the LUMOS ATOM hits the right spots in terms of size and performance. At the limited offer price of $999, you are paying for portability, screen size and quality over a usual 55-inch fix wall TV. The speedier interface and ease of use also get a plus from us.

What is in the box?

Besides watching shows, the LUMOS ATOM can be a helpful presentation assistant. You can even use it in the kitchen for cooking lessons, in your gym room for training or even in the bathroom for a luxurious bath with a movie. You could also invite your mates over for a game of football.

Great for Football matches - Straight from Projector

The limitation is your imagination!

The LUMOS ATOM will be perfect in any household as a one-stop entertainment device. You can now get your LUMOS ATOM here

What we like

  • Full Functional Smart Projector
  • Small and portable with 2 hours of battery life
  • Speedier and more stable compared to the predecessor
  • Sharp images

What could be improve

  • Need more bass for music
  • It should come with a tripod for more flexibility.
See the video samples here.

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TWD was provided a unit for this review. All opinions are of our own.

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