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Create Your Own Home Cinema for under $300 with LUMOS Auro Projector

It's Phase 2

Cinemas are reopening around Singapore. For many, being in an enclosed space for 2 hours with strangers is a tad discomforting with Covid19 still lurking in the background. Many had decided to stay at home and have their entertainment needs covered by Netflix or Youtube.

While some are ponying up for big-screen TV to replicate the cinematic experience at home, at more than a grand for a decent 65-inch TV, it is a pretty penny to spend. Even at 65 inches, the screen size might be a tad too small to have the cinema feel. 


A better alternative is to get a projector to create that cinematic experience at home. With the support of LUMOS, we managed to get our hands on their flagship LUMOS Auro to test at the comfort of our home.

(Disclaimer: Do note that our wall is textured wallpaper, the actual projected images by LUMOS Auro on a blank wall are without texture of lines)

Cost benefits 
50-inch TV vs 150-inch projector

A good projector can provide you with a screen of up to 150 inches. A better projector like the LUMOS Auro can give you a screen size of 300 inches if you have space (you need about a 9-meter wall to projector distance) and a mega wall size to project on. All these from a price of $299 upwards.

In comparison, a 100- inch TV can easily set you back as much as 20K or more. The world's biggest TV, the Samsung 292 inch TV has a price that is rumoured to be so obscene that you would have to call them up if you need to purchase (the whispered price is a staggering $250,000). If you put things in perspective, the LUMOS Auro is a steal of the century.

Authentic Cinematic Experience at home

Cinematic Experience

Size is everything for a truly immersive cinematic experience at home. A 65-inch screen is no match for a 150-inch projector image when it comes to an engaging experience. 

Use it to watch movies, play games, enjoy a virtual party or even zoom. We guaranteed the viewing experience would wow you with a 150-inch screen.

Minimum Setup
Sharp and Crisp images


You just need a blank wall, a projector, and you are ready to go. There is no specific need to get a projector screen unless you do not have the wall space. The colour of the wall does not matter as well as the projector works great on white walls or dark walls. To get an optimal experience, the room setting must be dim, and the wall should not have texture or patterns on them.

What to look out for in a projector - 10 Reasons why the LUMOS Auro rocks.
Simple Controls

When it comes to choosing a projector, there are several brands in the market. Each of them offers its own selling points. From low cost to the high-end definition models, each would have their own advantage. In our view, the LUMOS Auro is an affordable solution that packs all the essential specs in one nifty gadget. Price from $299 ($398 for Smart version), it is attractively priced against similar competitors retailing from $600-$1000+ range.

1) Screen quality (Resolution)

Just need a wall- Note our wall is textured wallpaper, the output will be better on a blank wall.

(Do note that our wall is textured wallpaper, the actual projected images by LUMOS Auro on a blank wall are without texture of lines)

For cinema projector, screen resolution is essential due to the large screen size it projects. We think for a pixel-free experience with sharper images, a native 1080p is a must. LUMOS Auro provides this as a standard (1929x1080) while most competitors have standard 720p projectors. Most channels, including Netflix, provides 1080 content, so a higher resolution will give you a better video quality.

With 1080p, there was no flicker or ghosting when it comes to watching sports such as football.

2) Lumens - the higher, the brighter

Day time Watching with lights from windows

The LUMOS Auro comes with 6000 lumens in compared to the usual 2000-3000 lumens in other units. This means that the image would be clearer in rooms that are lit and bigger in size. This makes it more versatile in terms of viewing distance and lighting condition.

The LUMOS Auro is meant to provide a cinematic experience. If you like to use it instead of a regular Tv, it is possible if the lighting condition is right.

3) Technology

LUMOS Auro is a LED Projector. Unlike the old school projector that uses bulb, an LED lamp life is as much as 50,000 hours!

4) Projecting range - Short Throw capability 
Short Throw Capability

LUMOS Auro is a short throw projector with  1.3:1 ratio. It is suitable for a smaller room. A distance of 3 meters can project a 100-inch screen. While it takes 7.62 meters to project a 300-inch screen.

5) Smart vs non-Smart version
Smart Interface (Android 6)

There are 2 versions of LUMOS Auro. The regular version utilizes an inhouse interface and would require an external device to hook up to it to play content. The Smart Version uses a Smart interface (Android 6.0 OS) and has built-in apps like Netflix, Youtube and Kodi. 

Build-in Netflix 


(Do note that our wall is textured wallpaper, the actual projected images by LUMOS Auro on a blank wall are without texture of lines)

It is also connected to Wifi and Bluetooth. This gives you the freedom away from extra wires and the ability to hook up to wireless speakers. The Smart version also allows us to mirror your Android and iPhones with build-in Miracast and Airscreen Apps. The regular version retails for $299 while the Smart version retails for $398. We reckon for ease of use and convenience, the Smart option would be a 'smarter' choice.
Mirror Phone - Portrait

Mirrors phone - Landscape

The only constraint is that memory space is limited to download apps, and not all apps are compatible with the Auro. Do note that Chromecast is also not supported in case you intend to use it for the regular version. However, a great smart projector overall.
Apps include Netflix, Youtube, Kodi, Miracast and Airscreen

6) Sound Quality
Front Panel - Speakers

The LUMOS Auro is equipped with 4Ω5W speakers with Dolby Audio AC-3 support. The sound from the unit is even more powerful than our usual TV. If you find it insufficient, you could always hook it up to soundbars if you have the Smart Version that comes with Bluetooth technology.

7) Keystone Correction
The distorted shape can be resized with Zoom App

You can adjust the screen display with keystone correction using the Zoom app provided. Keystone correction will fix the distortion of the screen shape. There is both Horizontal and Vertical adjustment. You could adjust ±15° (Using Adjustment Mechanism)  or ±50°(Using Remote Adjustment). That means you could place the unit at your bedside at a 50-degree angle and still cast a perfect rectangle screen. 

Keystone Correction

8) Connectivity

There are 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 VGA and 1 AV Connection. You can hook up to your computer, cable box or your gaming devices like Xbox or Playstation. There is also an Audio output to hook up to a sound device if needed. 
HDMI, LAN, VGA, AV, USB, AV Connections

HDMI cable, AV cable and a remote is included. We do suggest getting a mouse for ease of use, especially when you are using Netflix on this machine. You can operate Netflix with the provided remote with limited functions. A mouse would aid in unlocking the full feature on Netflix.

What's inside the box

9) Portability

Portable Size

It is not a huge projector. Measuring only 31.3 * 23.2 * 10.4 cm, it is nifty enough for you to set it up in most places. With a weight of 3kg, it is light enough for you to shift it from room to room without a hassle. Any rooms in the house can be turned into a cinema if there is a wall for the screen!

If you would like to mount it on the ceiling or wall, it is possible too. It has a digital flip screen function for ceiling mounts and the standard screw holes for it to be mounted.

10) Affordable Price 
Portable and Affordable with RIZE Stand

It retails at $299 for a regular unit, $399 for a smart unit and $453 bundle that comes with a RIZE stand. The RIZE stand is useful if you are not mounting your unit. It is stable, and you can extend it to 1.2m.  With the RIZE stand, you would be able to set up the unit anywhere you want.
Home Grown Company
Lastly, it is 100% local home-grown company. As it is a local company, there is a one year warranty provided for the unit, giving you peace of mind when you purchase. We think this may be the best projector in Singapore!

Movie on the big screen

As you can probably tell, we are quite smitten by the LUMOS Auro. With it, our trips to the cinema would be significantly reduced in the near future. It has always been a dream to have a cinematic experience at home. LUMOS Auro made this dream a reality!

Want to create your own cinematic experience?

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