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Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (RWS) Review: Lobster broth Ramen


Another Ramen session.

This time around, we headed to Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo at RWS.

Having been to the one at Parkway Parade, we wonder what the difference is between the outlets. In terms of appearance. They are pretty similar, save for the one at Parkway with more playful decor. The decor at RWS is more business-like in outlook.

Like the outlet in Parkway, complimentary hard boil white and brown eggs are available. The difference between the eggs is that white shell eggs come from hens with white feathers and brown shell eggs are made by hand with brown feathers. There should be no nutritional difference if the hens are fed the same feed. Other than eggs, you get complimentary bean spourts too. 

Tonkostu Ramen
Ramen Dining : Tonkotsu Ramen

We ordered the usual Tonkostu Ramen, which tasted like it in Parkway. We like that the consistency is here. The Tonkotstu Ramen comes in different sizes. The smallest portion does not have an egg, while the largest, the Tonkostu Ramen Special, comes with 2 slices of port and seaweed. You can opt for it plain or add Red Spicy or Black Spicy to the dish. Cost-wise, it is priced a tad higher than Parkway Parade. However, given the location, it is understandable.

Black Spicy Lobster Broth Ramen
Black Spicy Lobster Broth Ramen
The special item at RWS that differs from Parkway would be the Black Spicy Lobster Broth Ramen. The spice is mixed well into a soup with a strong lobster taste. The broth was flavourful and had the right texture. It tasted unlike the other broth we tried, and we loved it. This has to be the must-have dish when you are at RWS Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo

If you prefer rice, there are a selection of rice such as fried rice, Soboro Gohan, Omurice and more.

The portion for Omurice is huge. You probably can eat this on its own, and you will be filled.

Soboro Gohan 
Soboro Gohan is minced pork on rice. At half the price of the Omurice, the portion is probably meant as an addition to your ramen dishes. If you want a complete meal, perhaps Ramen and a Gohan rice dish are perfect for meal.


We would consider the price reasonable given that it is RWS. In terms of choices, you have a decent selection of rice and noodles. Orders are done via an app, and it came without hiccups. If you are at RWS and craving Ramen. This is the place to head to.

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