Singapore Savings Bonds Oct hits 3.21% average. Highest ever since inception.


Singapore Saver's bond return is now at 3.21%

With the recent uptrend in banks' fixed deposit rates, Singapore Saver's bond has up its ante.

The average rate has increased from below 3% last month to an average of 3.21% for this month's tranche.

For the first time, the interest rate is over 3% for all of its 10 years, with a high of 3.3% in the 10th year. This presents an excellent alternative to Fixed Deposits as Singapore Saver's bond has the flexibility to withdraw at any point of time with principal and accrued interest intact.

Source: MAS

How to apply?

Application is opened on 3 Oct and will close on 26 Oct. you can apply through DBS/POSB, and UOB Internet banking portals and ATM, OCBC's mobile app or the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) or through the internet banking portable of your SRS operator.

Do note you need an individual CDP account (for cash application) or an SRS account (For SRS Application). CPF Funds are not eligible to invest.


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