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The Day Sling Review : 5 reasons to get this Man Bag

Do you own a Man Bag?

A Man Bag comes in different forms. It is usually a satchel or small nag and can take the form of sling bags, pouches, messenger bags, backpacks or even a briefcase. There is no one size fits all bag, but the primary purpose of the bag is to carry extra stuff that you might not want or are unable to fit into your pocket.

While it is not uncommon to find a man bag. Finding one that suits my needs is not easy. This is where The Man Bag Co comes to the rescue with The Day Sling, a slim profile bag that fits onto your silhouette so that you will hardly notice it.

Here are 5 reasons why we think this Man Bag rocks

 1) Small in size, big in volume

Despite the diminutive size at 10cm x 19 cm x 28xm, the amount of stuff we can fit into this bag is totally awesome. There are 3 compartments in the bag.

 The front pocket can fit a phone and has a 40 cm-long key hook. It comes with 2 interior pockets in the front.

The middle pocket has a padded divider that can protect your devices. Dump a camera or two and you would be protected in the even of impact. This main compartment has 5 pockets and you can even fit passports in them.

To top off there is even a back pocket. This is a great spot for wallets or cash as it is concealed when you are wearing one. There are also 2 SD/Sim card slots there.

2) Handsfree, pocket free

The main reason to get the Day Sling is to be handsfree. With handphones getting bigger, stuffing them in the pockets or tight jeans is a cumbersome affair. With a Sling bag, this is taken care of.

Check out what we managed to put in the bag. 

For the record, we have the iPhone Pro max, wallet, Camera, Selfie Stick, insta360, 2 passports, a spectacle case and there is still bags of space within.

3) Quality build

While there are plenty of man bags in the market, the ones with quality finishing are hard to find. The first thing that we notice is the Cordura® advanced fabric. This fabric is water-repellent and sturdy. 

The next thing that we reckoned is cool is the Fidlock® Patented Stainless Steel V Buckle Magnetic clasp. It is a strong magnet but can be separated with a click. It is both secure and convenient. 

4) Sling Bag or Fanny Pack

Wear it as a sling bag or even as a fanny pack. Either way, with its slim profile, it will look great.

5) Perfect for travel

If you are traveling, you would need a small bag to hold passports and gadgets. To us, this Day Sling fits the chore perfectly to a T.

Like what you see?

The Day Sling is available from The Man Bag co at $85. You can get yours here!

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