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How to maximise your savings with Lazada 11.11 sale


Are you waiting for 11.11?

Here is a guide for you to get the best deals for 11.11 from Lazada.

During this past year, we bought a lot of stuff from Lazada during their sales events and managed to save a pretty penny. Based on our experience, you can save quite a bit from their next 11.11 Big Sale. With GST hikes coming in 2023, it is buy now and save now!

How to maximise savings from Lazada

Store Discount

Certain stores will have discounts. Some offer direct cashback, while others may offer a percentage discount off the stated price. 

Pro tip: Some stores offer more discounts at the start of the campaign at 12 midnight!

Lazada Voucher

Lazada will provide platform vouchers for certain categories. You can stack the vouchers with the store discounts. Stacking of vouchers will be automatic upon checkout.

Source: Lazada

Pro tip:  Collect all the vouchers; you never know if you need them

LazBonus * Only for 11.11 

Source: LAzada

On top of vouchers, you can get an extra $4 off for every $40 spent. This is applicable for selected products purchased during the promotion. You can collect Lazbonus daily on the app. There is also Lazzie Star Game that you can play to collect extra LazBonus.

Pro tip: Log in everyday to get the extra LazBonus

Bank (Credit Card) Vouchers

Source: :Lazada

Bank vouchers are available, and you can stack them with existing vouchers

Pro tip: Split your purchase. You can use the same bank or different banks to get as much discount as possible.


Source: Lazada

You can also earn cashback for your next purchase of eligible items.

Pro tip: Look for items with a cashback logo

FRee shipping

Last but not least, you can get free shipping from selected sellers too! 

Stacked them all up, and you can save yourself a bundle.

11.11 Best Deals

Here are 11 items we think would be worth considering for Lazada 11.11 sale

1  TV

If you are planning to get a TV, Lazada is one of the best places to get one.You can get a  Samsung 50-inch AU 7002  for less than $650 during 11.11. The same set will cost you $799 in stores.

Samsung 43 AU 7002
Samsung 50 AU 7002
Samsung 55 AU 7002

The store is under Samsung Official Store, and registration for warranty is done on the official Samsung website.

2  Apple Accessories

Looking for genuine Apple Accessories? Apple Flagship Store is the place to shop at Lazada

We snag a genuine Apple Magsafe Charger for $33 vs the original price of $59 after the discount. There are other items on sale, including Apple Products. You can search for Apple Flagship Store on this page.

3  iPhone cases and accessories

Our Sanptock Magsafe IPhone cover costs less than $10 after a discount.

4  Winter Clothes

Looking for Winter Wear without breaking the bank?

Lazada has a wide selection of Winter jackets that are less than $30 after discount. This warm fleece hoodie is one of them. For sizes, we recommend to size up 2 sizes since most of the jackets are Asian size.

5  Sports Clothes

Get your sports clothes from the official stores of Adidas, Nike, Under Armour and more from Lazada. If you are lucky, you might find that $50 shirt selling for only $10 after stack discounts!

Head to Lazada and search for Nike, Adidas or Underarmour Official stores here.

6  Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are also worth a look at Lazada. Our best buy was this Razer Basilik X Hyperspeed for a mere $35 after a discount. The original price was at $99!

You can get your Razer Basilik from Lazada here.

7  Home Furnishing

You could also get good deals on Home furnishing. If you are looking for a work-from-home office chair, we highly recommend the Hinomi H1 Pro. With stacked discounts, you can get it at under $500 ( usual $599)

Get your Hinomi H1 Pro here

8  Electronic Appliances

Looking for a hi-fi system to play all your CDs?

How about this low-cost Philips TAM 3205. This is a great system as it can play CD and has Bluetooth to stream your music. Stores sell it for $169, but we reckon you could get as much as $50 off if you stacked up the offers vouchers.

Get the Philips TAM 3205 here.

9  Health Supplements

If you are heading to the gym for workouts, you need protein to supplement your training. Protein could be expensive if you get it from the store. With Lazada stacked vouchers, it is much cheaper to get it online. Lazada has popular protein brands, including Optimum Nutrition.

Get your Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein here.

10  Redmart Products

Lazada sells groceries online that can be delivered to your doorsteps. We always get our Nescafe instant coffee from here, which is much cheaper than the stores.

Get your Nescafe Iced Latte here

11  Pet Supplies

Looking for pet supplies? 

Get your pet food from Lazada at a discounted price. There is food for dogs, cats and fish online.

Get your dog food here.

Looking for something else?

Head to LAZADA to find what you need. Add to the cart and wait for 11.11!

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