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One Wellness Medical - Eu Yan Sang - East Meet West Treatment

East or West?

 Are you in a dilemma between choosing between East or West treatment?

If you are caught between choosing Western doctors or TCM physicians, there is a solution by Eu Yan Sang. It is One Wellness Medical - an integrative concept clinic that provides both  General Practitioner and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment undergone one roof.

This synergistic solution aims to offer better preventative care, in line with Singapore's Healthier SG, for the early detection of health problems and to maintain the quality of Singapore's ageing population.

It takes a holistic approach to offer routine screenings and bespoke counselling. This includes comprehensive assessments of overall lifestyle, diet, street levels, sleeping patterns, family history and well-being. 

One Wellness Program 

You can opt for their One Wellness Program to assess your health. The basic package include health screening, review consultation with GP and TCM Physician. Health screening includes Lipid, Diabetes, Electrolytes, Kidney Function and Bone/ Joint Function panels.

They also provide a more comprehensive programme for a full test and tests for diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, heart women, liver, pain management and more. More information can be found here.

Eu Yan Sang's One Wellness Medical can be found at SBF Centre and i12 Katong.

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