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Bay East Garden : Running Route

 Time for another run!

After a haitus, we are back for more running. This time around, we head to Bay East Garden for an easy route. Bay East Garden is located on the opposite side of Marina Bay and Gardens by the bay.

Running Route: Benjamin Sheares Bridge to Marina East Park and back
Total Distance: 4km

It has an open view of the Marina Bay skyline, making it one of the more scenic places to run. We took a run from Benjamin Sheares Bridge to Marina East Park and back. The route is approximately 4km and can be completed slowly within 30 minutes.

What you see

Marina Bay Skyline

Starting off from Benjamin Sheares bridge, you will run towards Marina Bay

The first thing that you see will be the skyline of Marina Bay. This is also a good spot to watch New Year's Eve or National Day Fireworks at Marina Bay

It is a straight route to Marina Barrage with a view on your right and Bay East Gardens on your left. Part of the Bay East Gardens is under renovation for the new Founder's memorial. Thus, the best way to run would be on the running track.

Marina Barrage

You could consider extending your route to Marina Barrage. We decided to opt for Marina East Park instead.

Marina East Park

Marina East Park is a small park that faces the Singapore Straits. The entrance to the park is just next to the bridge linking up to Marina Barrage.

There is a small playground located there. Running to the edge of the gardens, you will be greeted by the rising sun with the Breakwater in the foreground (if you are up in the morning).

You will spot an interesting-looking building at the park. This is actually the MCE ventilation building and not a normal building.

You will be greeted by a nice view of the Singapore Flyer leaving the park.

Bay East Garden
On the way back, we decided on a short detour into Bay East Garden and chanced upon a few 'local' residents.

Turtles at Bay East Gardens

Several large red slider turtles and a family of otters can be seen roaming the aquatic ponds. If you are lucky, you may even spot some monitor lizards. This stretch is not very long; probably only about 500 m is accessible. 
Otter Crossing

The path will lead you straight to the starting point under Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Benjamin Shears Bridge

That's the end of the run. For more runs, check out the following routes.

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