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Biscobites from Yellow Ribbon Bakery : Artisan Snack for a good cause

 Fancy a meaningful snack?

If you are craving a snack to accompany your World Cup matches, why not pick up these artisan-baked snacks created by inmates and professional bakers at Yellow Ribbon (YR) bakery?

Biscobites is a snack handmade by Changi Prison inmates going through bakery skills development and work programmes piloted by Yellow Ribbon Singapore. Yellow Ribbon bakery is a Halal-certified artisanal bakery product manufacturer. 

Yellow Ribbon Bakery

Located in  Cluster A3 of Changi prison, it has approximately 100 inmates engaged in the daily operations of the Bakery. They had created a division with 3 professional bakers and 12 inmates to develop these snacks.

Biscobites from Yellow Ribbon Bakery

These snacks are bite size, crunchy in texture and soaked in Unami flavours. they do not contain any artificial flavouring or preservation and make an excellent snack choice for watching TV, pre-appetizer or a get-together.

You can get them in Tomato & Basil or Jalapeno & Parmesan flavours. Each retails for $7 150g packet. It is available at

Get a meaningful gift from Yellow Ribbon Bakery

They also make meaningful gifts with a social cause, representing an opportunity for inmates to learn a new skill at Yellow Ribbon bakery.

Taste Good, Do Good, Share Good


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