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Getting PSLE Results : What to do next?

PSLE results will be out on  23 Nov Wed 11am. 

Primary 6 students can collect the results straight from school or view them online. Here is the sequence of things to do during and after the collection of results.

Result day 

23 NOVEMBER  2022

Collection from School 

Schools will notify the students of the collection details. Different schools would have different procedures. Do refer to the individual school for collection details.

The result slip and examination certificates will be given on the same day.

View results online

Candidates can access the results online via Candidates Portal on the day of the result release.  Prior to results release date, you will receive user accounts issued by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) through the school from November 15. The results can be accessed from 11.45am 23 November 2022 till 6 Dec 2022.

The account should be activated before the result release day. 

Step by Step instructions is available here.

If you are sick

Candidates can appoint a proxy to collect a physical copy from the school. Proxies are to collect the results by Friday, 25 November 2022 and produce the relevant documents for the school's verification. If school candidates have not received their user account for SEAB's Candidates Portal or cannot appoint a proxy to collect results, they may contact the school for assistance.

Choosing Secondary Scool 


Students are encouraged to visit the school's open houses or explore its website. While School Cut off point from last year can serve as a reference, other factors to consider include school culture, distinctive programmes, subject offerings and Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs). By now, some secondary schools would have completed the open houses. There are still a number of schools that will conduct Open houses on 26 Nov.

Check Secondary School Cut-Off Points here

Check Secondary School Open House dates here

Submission of Secondary 1 School Choices and Options

S1 Option Form

S1 Option form to select secondary schools will be given to eligible students with their PSLE results. The S1 Option Form provides key information regarding the submission.

Submission timeline - 29 NOV 3PM (ONLINE) | 30 NOV 12PM (SCHOOL)

A unique S1 Personal Identification Number (S1 Pin) will be on the top right-hand corner of the S1 Option Form. The S1 Pin can log into the Secondary 1 Internet System (S1-IS) and submit their S1 school choices online. It will be accessible from 1130am, 23 Nov (Wednesday) to 3 pm 29 November (Tuesday). Information can be found at

If you miss the deadline, you will have to submit the school choices in person at your child's primary school from 9am to 12pm on Wednesday, 30 Nov. This is for new submissions only and not for amendments.

Number of choices

Each candidate will have 6 school choices. In the event of a tie, the choice would play a big part in the AL system. If a candidate has similar citizenship and score, the one who has the school as a first choice will get priority over another who places the school as a second choice.

Tiebreaker rules

  1. First, Citizenship (Singapore Citizen has the highest priority, then Permanent Resident, and lastly, International Student)
  2. Second, school choice order (first choice over the second choice, and so on)
  3. If citizenship status and school choice order are the same, then computerised balloting will be used to determine who to be admitted.

In the 2021 S1 Posting, the overall proportion of students who underwent computerised balloting was 1 in 10.

Choosing a school base on AL score and MERIT

It is advisable to have at least 2 to 3 schools where your child's PSLE is comfortably better than the school's Cut Off Point. Fill in all 6 choices instead of just a few.

Use the school finder to assess the suitability of the school based on

  • Programmes, subjects, CCA offered
  • School Culture
  • Location and Transportation
  • Courses (Express, NA, NT)


BETWEEN 21 DEC (WED) to 23 DEC (FRI) (Tentative)

Posting results will be released between Wednesday, 21 Dec and Friday, 23 December, via online, SMS and through your child's primary school.

APPEAL TO Transfer


Appeals to transfer can be done under 2 circumstances.

Serious Medical conditions 

If you assess that the posted secondary school is unable to accommodate your child's physical health, you may appeal for a transfer.  The appeals can be filed at your posted secondary school in person by 12pm on the following working day after the release of posting results. Appeals will only be considered on an exceptional basis for students with

  • Serious medical conditions, such as chronic heart conditions or kidney problems.
  • Severe physical impairments, such as those requiring permanent use of a wheelchair.

Transfers are subjected to vacancies. Students seeking transfers should continue to attend their posted secondary school until the transfer is approved.

Non - Medical Reasons

  • Appeals are to be directly to the preferred school. Do find out about the appeal process from the respective school website.
  • Child's PSLE score MUST meet the schools' cut-off point (COP) of the posting year. 
  • Child must meet school's admission criteria
  • The outcome will only be known from mid-January. Schools may also not be able to accept appeals due to limited vacanies

Refer to MOE for more details

Best of luck with the results!

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