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Cafe Q Classified @ Vivocity Review : Pretty Ambience, Slow Service


Do you like the colour Purple?

If purple is your favourite colour, the Cafe Q Classified could be your next favourite restaurant.

Stepped right in, and you will be instantly wowed by the purple decor. You would be lost in purple hues, from the purple flowers to the purple walls.

Cafe Q Classified is a french inspired restaurant serving fares such as burgers, pizzas, pasta and desserts. There is an Audrey Hepburn vibe as the restaurant gives a Parisian chic vibe. 

Purple walls

The highlight of the restaurant is the purplish decor. Everywhere you turn, its purple purple purple.

Cafe Q Classified Vivocity

As for the food, we ordered a few dishes to try. Before we check out the food, we have a gripe with the speed of the service. Our food came at irregular intervals between each dish with a 20 minutes interval between each plate. In the end, it took an hour to get all our meals. We had to check with 3 different waiters for our meals when we were there.

Purple seats

We were told that it was because there was a lack of manpower in the kitchen and they could not cope with the orders. With a seating capacity that easily tops 50 pax, it is incredulous not to have catered to the capacity. It was not the pleasant experience that we were drawn to.

Parisian Vibes

If you check the Google Reviews, we are not the only ones who experienced this.

English Spud ($26.80)

A mix of potato rosti, bacon, poached eggs, salad, granola and fruit yoghurt. While the meal looks hearty and decent in terms of the spread. In terms of price, it is considered a tad pricey.

Pork Cutlet Toast Sandwich ($18)

This is a Japanese pork cutlet with cheese on a toastwich/ It is more bread than pork for this dish. It tastes well, especially with the cheese oozing out of the pork.

Wah-Kill Burger ($24)

This is a 150g wagyu beef pattie with cheddar, portobello, red cabbage, tomato salsa with truffle fries. The burger is well-portioned and filled with fries. The wagyu beef pattie was good, but wah, as the burger's name implies. 

Lychee Cake ($9)

The lychee cake was not part of our order, but compensation from the cafe for our long wait for the foot. At least there is some redemption to take out the sting of the delay. To be fair, it was a nice cake, and you could taste lychee in it.


Do note that the restaurant does not serve plain water. Overall, drinks are costly, with a bottle of mineral water starting from $4 and juices from $8.5. 

 A coffee with a cake for 4 could hit $80. If the service was better, it would have been worth it just for the ambience. But, unfortunately, when we were there, this needed to be improved. 


While the decor and food look good, the service, in particular, the speed of the kitchen, needs to be improved. Moreover, with a higher price stage compared to the usual cafe/restaurant, the experience does not justify the price tag.

In conclusion great place for Instagram photos, a decent place for food, a pricey place for a meal and a slow place for service.

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