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Klook Alpaca World and Jade Garden Tour Review


Welcome to Alpaca World, Korea!

If you are visiting Seoul with families, Alpaca World would be on the top of your list. Alpaca World is an animal farm located around 1.5 hours from Seoul. Spanning over 110,000 square feet on mountainous terrain, you will see Alpacas, sheep, deer and other animals in this little Alpaca Oasis away from the city.

Namsan Yejang Public Parking

The meet-up place for the tour was at Namsan Yejang Public Parking Lot. If you book from Klook, the tour guide will contact you via Whatsapp for directions. It is easy to find and convenient for those staying around Myeondong. 

Note: Pick-up Location may not be the same for tours

Alpaca World

Alpaca World

We had a 3 hours stop at Alpaca World. The timing was perfect for doing almost everything in Alpaca World. Here's the highlight of our time at Alpaca World.

Alpaca Map

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Alpaca Playground

Alpaca Playground

When we reached Alpaca World, the first thing we did was head to the Alpaca Playground. At around 10am, Alpacas will be running down the hill from their pen to the Playground. 

Feeding time

Visitors can gather at the playground and be given food to feed the Alpacas.


The Alpacas are pretty friendly and will approach anyone with food in their hands!

This will last for about 15 mins. The Alpaca will return to their pen when time is up.

Feeding Station

 You can always buy extra food using Alpaca coins if you want to feed more. Head to the Andes Ecological Range to feed the Alpacas along the way.


Walking with Alpaca

Head to Healing Walk and take an Alpaca out for a walk. This activity cost extra at only 10,000 won.

Walk With Alpaca at Alpaca World

You will have the opportunity to walk with Alpaca for 15 minutes on a stretch of road. Alpaca food will be provided for you.  You would need the food as you use it to entice them to walk!

We highly recommend this activity to get up close with your personal Alpaca

Animal Zones

Other than Alpaca, there are other animals on the farms.

Cute rabbits, sheep, horses, deer and birds can be found on the sprawling grounds. Take your time to visit each of them.  You could also feed these animals if you wish.


There are 2 food options, a cafe at the carpark outside the park and Sopoong. 

We recommend a stop at Sopoong for food.

The super cute Alpaca Fried rice is hard to resist.


Lastly, stop by the souvenir shop. If you love Alpacas, consider bringing one home!

Alpaca World is worth a trip at any time of the year. It can be a little chilly in winter, but the weather made walking around the park comfortable.

Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Cafe Street

Our next stop is at Gubongsan Mountain Observatory Cafe Street.

We stopped at Santorini to chill. A free beverage in included in your tour.

You have an hour to relax and enjoy the view from the observatory.

Jade Garden

Our next stop is Jade Garden. 

Jade Garden is well known for its mix of gardens, beautiful flowers and elegant European Style Architecture.

It is also a popular place to film K-dramas. If you are a fan of K-drama, you would have watched Young Lady and Gentlemen when Jade Garden was used as the main character's residence.

We visited during winter, which was less impressive than what we saw on TV. The best time to visit is spring, summer or autumn.

For bookings at Klook, they may rotate it with other activities during winter. Instead of Jade Gardens, it is replaced with a  visit to Hyundai Premium Outlet Space Day Tour.

Alternative to Jade Garden in Winter: Hyundai Premium Outlet Space Day Tour 

How to book a Tour?

Booking can be made via Klook. Once done, a confirmation notice will be sent to you. The Tour Guide will contact you a day before for pick up details.Our day tour from Klook starts from about $93 per pax. One good thing about this tour is that there are no unnecessary stops for souvenir shopping.

Tipping is not necessary in Seoul

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You can also consider other packages such as Alpaca World + Nami Island or Alpaca World + Lego Land Day tour on Klook.

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