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Klook Seoul Pass Review : Is it worth it?

Heading to Seoul?

If you intend to visit the best of Seoul, getting a Seoul Pass is essential for saving cost and time. There are a few Seoul Passes available, so we chose Klook Pass Seoul.

What is Klook Pass Seoul?

Klook Pass Seoul is a New Kid on the Block. It allows you access to 2, 3 or 4 activities for a discounted price. In addition, you can opt to add on attractions of either Lotte World or Everland.

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What attractions are covered?

You can opt for two to four attractions from this list

1 N Seoul Tower (VALUE $35.29)

Source: Klook

  • 1 N Seoul Tower Observatory Ticket
  • 1 N Burger + French Fries + Soft Drinks

2 Coex Aquarium (VALUE $25.69)

Source: Klook

  • 1 Coex Aquarium

3 alive Museum & Dynamic Maze (Value $18.09)

Source: Klook

  • 1 Alive Museum and Dynamic Maze

4 Lotte World Aquarium (Value $21.39)

Source : Klook

  • 1 Lotte Aquarium

5 63 Building Observatory & Aqua Planet 63 (Value $25.25)

Source: Klook

  • 1 Entry to Observatory & Aqua Planet 63

6 LEhwa Korean School Uniform Rental Experience (Value $21.39) 

Source: Klook

  • 1-day school uniform set rental

7 Hanbok Experience (Hanboknam Gyeongbokgung Store) with Korean Hairstyling ( Value $21.19)

Source: Klook

  • One set of traditional hanbok for a 1-day rental
  • Basic hairstyling

Additional Attractions

You can add Lotteworld or Everland to the package besides these attractions.

Lotte world ( Value $43.85)

Everland 1 Day Pass (Value $39.90)

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Our Experience - Is it worth it?

We took the  3 Attractions + Lotteworld Package.

Our attractions are as follows.

Lotte world

The largest indoor amusement park in Seoul needs no introduction. This is a must-go for theme park lovers.

Redemption of tickets is done at Lotte World Wild Tour Gate, located in the basement. Follow the signs that will lead you to the main gate. It has a mix of thrill and mild rides to cater to all age groups.

A complimentary entry to Lotte World Folk Museum is included in the ticket. Here, you would experience an impressive miniature Gyeongbokgung palace in all its past glory. 

Coex Aquarium

Coex Aquarium is open 7 days a week. The pass includes the entrance fee.

Redemption will be done at the gate; we do not need to queue for entry when we are there. Simply show the pass on mobile, and we are good to go.

N Seoul Tower + N Burger Set

You need to exchange for a physical pass at N Seoul Tower. Redemption is done via the booth found near the main counters. 

As for the burger set, simply show the mobile confirmation at the N Burger counter. 

There is a limited selection of burgers, but they should be sufficient for most. The burgers were quite tasty, and the meals were filling for us. Worth the price!

Alive Museum & Dynamic maze

This may be the lowest-price option, but it was a fun experience for the family. 

If you are travelling with kids, this will be the perfect activity to head to.

Cost Breakdown

If we were to take the attractions separately, the total cost breakdown would be as follows

Coex Aquarium: $24.69*
N Seoul Tower: $35.29*
Alive Museum & Dynamic Maze: $18.09*
Lotteworld: $43.85
Total: $121.92

*Prices from the Klook Platform. If you get on-site, prices would be 20-30% higher depending on the attractions

Our Seoul Pass Cost: $93.05

Savings:$28.87 per pax or 30%


As you can see, our Seoul Pass cost is much cheaper compared to separate tickets. We also get the additional flexibility to book the dates within a 30 days timeframe. Other similar passes required one to complete the activities within 24 to 72 hours. This flexibility is essential, especially when it comes to planning a trip. If you are heading to Lotteworld or Everland, the Klook Seoul Pass makes much more sense due to the higher discounts provided.

One of our activities ( N Seoul) required us to reschedule due to weather conditions. We might have missed this if we had used the other pass. There is also the flexibility to choose any attractions from the list. You do not have to prebook but can usually book on the spot for the attraction redemption. 

If you want to save cost and have the flexibility of time management when travelling in Seoul, this Klook Seoul Pass is an essential travel companion. 

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