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Tapo C225 Review: High Quality Security Wifi Camera

Need a 24 hour security guard?

While the Tapo C225 may not be the guard you seek, it will be the sentry you wish you would have instead. Tapo is an offshoot of TP-Link, a reliable global provider of networking devices. This new brand offers a whole lot of Smart home accessories that aim to make 

This new Tapo C225 Security Camera by Tapo offers much more than traditional cameras would provide.  It comes in a cylinder block that would suit the most home decor. While it is not the most discreet, the aim is to provide security and its presence would scare off most intruders.

While it may resemble a competitive security camera, the bells and whistles built into the software and hardware stands out vs the rest.

Why you should get the Tapo C225

1 2K QHD
Screen Capture
This is a big step in video quality compared to other ranges in the market. With an F1.6 large aperture, you will get clearer images from the camera.  Fuzzy faces will be a thing of the past with this feature.

2 Smart AI Detection and Notification
Do you keep getting notifications on your phone and see a cat instead of someone running across the screen?

Tapo C225 Smart Detection
It can sometimes get annoying, but with SMART AI, it will differentiate between a pet and a person. It could also detect abnormal sounds like baby detection. This will help differentiate the need for notification and reduce frivolous alarms. It also has a beta function that would detect glass breaking, dog barking, cat meowing and vehicles.

3 Smart Motion Tracking with 360° pan and tilt
The Tapo C225 camera would move together with the subject within a 120° angle, thus keeping the person you want to monitor in sight. You could adjust your vision accordingly as this device has a 360° pan and tilt horizontal field of view.

4 2-Way Audio
If you are using this at your gate, this function will be useful if you have a delivery at home. You could also use this when monitoring your house and communicating with your child or helper when necessary.

5 Starlight Senor
The sensor used in Tapo 225 is highly sensitive. It allows the capture of high-quality images even in low light. This feature is usually only found on high-end models.

6 Sound and Light Alarm
If you have an intruder, the Tapo c225 will trigger sound and light and scare off the intruders. A valuable feature for a sentinel.

7 Customizable night vision
For cameras with night vision, the IR LED light is usually red. This might cause distractions, especially if you use it as a baby monitor. For the Tapo C225, switch it to a less distracting blue Led for night vision.

8 Physical Privacy Mode 
Want some me time and keep yourself from prying eyes? 
A physical privacy mode maintains your privacy by blocking the lens with the camera's own housing. This is useful if you want some privacy when in the room. 

What's in the box?
The Tapo C225 comes with the main unit, charger, menu and screws for mounting. 

Usuage Verdict
Setting up the Tapo 225 was easy. First, download the app to get started. Connect the camera to your app, and your camera is ready. 

Thereafter you can set up the device according to your needs.  The app allows you to control the device pan & tilt, engage privacy mode, turn off the alarm, talk, quick snap or video. You can add up to 32 devices to the app. There is cloud recording available on a subscription basis.

Once it is set, you are good to go. If you are looking for a baby monitor, a home security camera or even a door camera, the Tapo C225 should fit the bill and more!

A set of Tapo C225 was provided for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.

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