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River Hongbao 2023 : Giant Lanterns Guide


River Hongbao is back!

River Hongbao 2023 will have a new home. This year's edition will be held at Gardens by the Bay as the Floating Platform at Marina Bay is closed for an upgrade.

Not to be mistaken with the Bay Spring Carnival at Bayfront, River Hongbao's main highlight will be the Giant Lanterns that will light up the gardens at night. Before you head down, here is a sneak peek of the Lantersn of  River Hongbao.

Giant Lanterns at the Meadows
Most of the Giant Lanterns will be found at this spot. We recommend parking at The Meadows for easy access if you are heading here to see the lanterns.

Entrance from Supertreee Groove Entryway
There are 3 access points as follows
- The Meadows Carpark
- Bridge from Dragonfly lake towards The Planet (Floating Baby)
- Supertree Groove Entryway from Flower Dome

Entrance from MBS/ Dragonfly Lake

Giant Lanterns
Visitor Center
Welcome Arch @ Golden Garden

The Arch is near the entrance of the Visitor Center. Framed by a pair of phoenixes, it brings blessing, peace, harmony and prosperity.

Supertree Groove
Hao Cai Tou
Hao Cai Tou
好彩头 means good luck. Surrounded by a bunch of rabbits, it is a cute set-up for photos.

Peace and Prosperity

The landscape of Singapore is imprinted on vases like lanterns. The vases symbolise . This sounds like Peace in Chinese.

The Meadows
Entrance Arch @ The Meadows
Entrance Arch
The first lantern you will see if you enter from the Meadow is the Entrance Arch. This grand archway is shaped like the Chinese character 吉, which signifies luck.

God of Fortune
God of Fortune
The God of Fortune stands stall and is probably the perennial favourite. He holds a golden fish symbolisin年年有余. It means abundance in wealth.

The 12 Zodiacs
12 Zodiacs
In front of the God of Fortune are 3 separate displays showing the 12 Zodiacs.
12 Zodiacs River Hongbao

If you want to check how your Zodiac sign will perform, there are predictions at the displays.

Wishing Hearts

Wishing Hearts
Since this is the year of the rabbit, it will not be surprising to see a display dedicated to it.

Flourishing Times Ahead
A youthful interpretation of the phrase 大展宏图. This means fulfilling one's plan. This is found near the main stage.

Kuai Gao Zhang Da
Kuai Gao Zhang Da
Featuring a group of kids playing in a fantasy playground of giant toys and giant milk bottles. It has a backdrop of 快高长大, which literally means growing taller and bigger.

Futuristic Ventures
Futuristic Ventues

A cute display with a future theme inspired by Singapore's investment in space and advanced technology.

Dragonfly Lake
Dance of Spring
Dance of Spring
This majestic display floating on the river features giant swans welcoming the arrival of Spring. They are flanked by dancers in multicultural costumes.

The Great Spring Race
Starting Point

Everyone is family with the tale Rabbit and the Tortoise. 
The Great Spring Race

See the race in various lantern displays.
Ending point

Other Activities

Night Festive Shows
Night Festive Show
There will be nightly festive performances on the big stage. Enjoy dance and musical performances by Chinese cultural troupes, Getai singers and Mediacorp artists.
Source: River HongBao

Carnival Games and Rides
There are also old-school carnival games and rides for kids to enjoy.

There are over 20 games and rides located at the Supertree Grove.

Food Street
Food stalls will also be opened from 20 Jan 830pm onwards. Tables will be set up for diners at the Supertree Grove.

Greetings and Blessings: Chinese New Year Cards Then and Now

Greeting and Blessings
Check out the CNY greeting cards from 1950s to 1970s in this exhibition. 

River Hongbao will be at the Gardens from 20-28 Jan. Admission is free!

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