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5 Alternatives to Supermarket Shopping Bags

It will cost you more to shop for groceries soon.

From mid-2023, shoppers at all supermarket outlets in Singapore, including NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, Giant, Sheng Siong and Prime, will impost the charge on all materials of disposable bags including plastic and paper. Each plastic bag will cost at least 5 Cents.

To avoid to keep paying a fee and saving the earth, let's consider these alternatives for your next grocery trip.

1 Oxford Trolley Cart ($23.90)

If you want a convenient 'one size fits most' bag, this Oxford Trolley Cart is an ideal candidate. It can take a strong load of 180KG. The trolley and the bag weight less than 1.5kg. You can also detach the bag for washing. The big wheels also mean it is easy to pull along.

GET YOURS HERE : https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPRLo9

2 Portable and Foldable Market Trolley ($8.99)

A combination between a shopping bag and a trolley bag, this is a scalable bag that can double its size when needed. It can expand from 30cm in height to as tall as 48cm. If you are hauling heavy groceries, it can double up as a trolley with its foldable wheels. Very useful!

There are a couple of colours to choose from, so pick the one that suits you.

3 MUJI Collapsible Water Repellent Tote Bag ($14.90)

If you want something sleek, this MUJI collapsible water-repellent wide tote bag is perfect for grocery and shopping. You can choose between black or blue version. This would be great for a quick trip to the grocery. Made of Polyester.

GET YOURS HERE : https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPRLoQ

4 Large Capacity Travel Bag $4.78

Small and compact when you do not need it, big and roomy when you do. Unfolds to a 40 x 40 cm bag for your grocery runs. Many designs to choose from. Made of nylon for durability. 

GET YOURS HERE -  https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPRMbu

5 Reusable Shopping Bag $8.66

If you are looking for a direct plastic bag replacement, these reusable eco-friendly shopping bags will do the job. There are 6 in a pack and size is about 46 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm. These are perfect replacements for plastic bags. Foldable when not in use and washable too. 

GET YOURS HERE - https://c.lazada.sg/t/c.YPRLoj

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