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Covid-19 Vaccination is Free, Treatment is not

Still have not got your vaccination?

A slew of Covid-19 measures was announced on 19 Feb. Generally, almost all measures relating to Covid-19 have been removed. 

As a result, measures related to treatments and vaccination have also changed. This is the latest directive as of February 2023.


Vaccination is Free

Vaccination is Free under the National Vaccination Programme for ar Singaporean Citizens, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass Holders and certain Short Term Pass Holders.

What vaccinations are available

  • Pfizer-BionNTech/Comirnaty
  • Moderna/ Spikevax
  • Novavax/ Nuvaxovid
  • Sinovac-Corona Vac
Minimum Protection recommend

6 Months to 4 years
  • 2 doses of Moderna / Spikevax
  • 3 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech / Comirnaty

Ages 5 and above
  • 3 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna/Spikevax or Novavax/Nuvaxovid,
  • 4 doses of Sinovac-CornoaVac 

For the full dosage and timeframe, refer to MOH website here

Booster Recommendation 2023

Recommended 1 year after the last dose for the following group

  • Persons aged 60 years and above
  • Persons who lived in aged care facilities
  • Persons who are medically vulnerable and higher risk of severe disease age 12 and above.

Bivalent Vaccines are recommended for this.

You can check your vaccination status from HealthHub

Download Healthhub from Google Playstore or Apple App Store

Locations of Vaccination Centers

  • All eligible for Covid-19 vaccination may book appointments and Joint Testing and Vaccination Centers/ participating Public Health Preparedness Clinics/Polyclinics/VC via SMS. 
  • Walk into any JTVC or VC that offers the vaccine recommended.

Full Vaccination Locations can be found here


There will no longer be any Protocols 1-2-3

Unwell persons should follow general advisory as follows

  • Medically vulnerable persons who have Acute Respiratory Infection(ARI), or persons with severe, prolonged and worsening ARI symptoms should see a doctor.
  • Persons with mild ARI symptoms should stay at home until symptoms resolve.

The recommended advisory is similar to how one should do when unwell. 

Covid-19 financing Scheme

Covid-19 is now classified as an endemic disease. From 1 Apr 2023

  • There will no longer be 100% subsidy for hospitals and Covid-19 treatment facilities.  Instead, Government subsidies, MediShield Life and MediSave will apply to SC and PRs to defray healthcare expenses.
  • There will no longer be Community Isolation Facilities(CIF) for Covid-19. However, some CIFs will be maintained for Covid-19 patients who want to self-isolate for valid reasons. However, all occupants will be charged for the stay. SC and PR will NOT be able to tap on Government subsidies, MediShield Life or MediSave to pay for the bills.
  • Polyclinics and GP clinics Covid-10 Testing will not be free. It will be charged according to prevailing subsidies.

Full details can be found on this MOH Release.

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