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Airfares to Top 10 Singapore Travellers Holiday Destinations

Planning a holiday this year's end? 

According to Statista, these are the top 10 Singapore Traveller's popular destinations in 2022

It is never too early to make a booking to get the best seats on the flight. So we took a look at the prices for Dec 2023 from Singapore Airlines and got some interesting results.

Japan, Osaka 

6 months ago, it would be almost impossible to get a flight to Osaka for under $1000. Today, you can get one at $798. 

Fancy a visit, check out our Osaka Itinerary here.

Taiwan, Taipei

At $654, it is one of the lower fares for regional flights. 

We had a great trip to Taipei a few years back, the itinerary would still be helpful for this trip.

South Korea, Seoul

With prices of Seoul starting from $783, it is almost similar to a flight to Osaka. So which one would you go for?

While many will opt for Japan, Seoul is a fantastic option. Our 10 days itinerary would be a testimonial to that.

New Zealand, Auckland

If you prefer the warmth of the sun in December, spend a summer holiday in New Zealand. However, at the ticket price, it is better to go for a long trip to make it worth it.

It is more expensive to head to NZ than to Europe at that price. Would you consider a trip to the other side of the world instead?

Sydney, Australia

Australia is another hot destination... literally for December.

With fares doubling in Taiwan,  it may be a hard option to make if you are on a budget.  But if summer is your game, Sydney is your place.

Thailand, Bangkok

Bangkok starts from $488. While it is the cheapest on Singapore Airlines, you may be better off going budget since it is a short flight from Singapore.

Still, the cheap food, shopping and massages will make this trip worth it.

Malaysia, KL 

Surprise, surprise. Malaysia is on this list. 

Most would travel to nearby Johor for a day trip instead of taking a flight. However, if you want to head to KL, taking a flight would be a more comfortable option.

Switzerland, Zurich

Switzerland is perfect for the December holidays due to the snow cap mountains.

At prices from $1712, it is cheaper than a flight to New Zealand.

China, Beijing

China closed its doors in 2022, but locals still placed it as a top 10 destination.

With the lack of flights, a round trip costs much more than a trip to Europe. However, this would change down the road, so it is best to wait for better rates.

United Kingdom, London

It is often said that December is the month when the champions of the Premier League are decided. Great time to book a flight and add a day for a football match when you are there.

The best time to book a flight

From the experience of travel gurus, the best time to book a flight is between 21 to 115 days in advance. Prices are 5-10% lower during this period. While it may be too early to book a flight for the year-end, 


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