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The Battle for Singapore 2023 : Fort Connaught special tour

8 -15 Feb 1942

This date marks the battle and the fall of Singapore. It has been 81 years since the fateful event.

To mark this period, the National Heritage Board (NHB) returns with the annual Battle of Singapore initiatives with a series of guided tours, talks, exhibitions and film screenings documenting the event from 10 Feb to 5 March.

Trace the roots of Singapore's wartime past, and uncover hidden stories about various Ww2 sites. This year's highlight will be a special access tour to Fort Connaught. This is the first-ever public tour since its construction in 1878.

Fort Connaught

Fort Connaught was built for the defence of Keppel Harbour in 1878. It was armed with 9.2 inch guns and was used to engage invading Japanese troops during the battle for Singapore. 

Located on the eastern side of Sentosa Island near Sentosa Cove, it was earlier known as Belakang Mati East Battery. It was one of the four military installations that were built in Sentosa to fortify Singapore's defence. The others are Fort Siloso, Mount Serapong Battery and Mount Imbiah battery.

Fort Connaught Map

Unlike the other three forts that are still preserved, a significant part of Mount Serapong was removed and made way for the present-day Tanjong Golf Course. As for the few remains, they are enclosed in a restricted area that is relatively untouched. If you are planning to explore, do note that it is a no-trespassing zone. Given the restrictions, it is hardly surprising that one does not have any recollection of Fort Connaught.

Battle for Singapore 2023: Fort Connaught Rediscover Tour 
Date: 11-12 Feb, 18-19 Feb, 25-26 Feb
Time: 9am-1130 am, 1 pm- 330pm

Fort Connaught

For those who wish to explore, Battle of Singapore has arranged a special access tour of Fort Connaught. This once-in-a-lifetime tour is a rare chance to see what most locals would not have seen before- a glimpse of this abandoned Fort in Singapore that has been untouched by the passage of time.

During normal times, such a trek is not possible as the area is restricted. We do not recommend that you visit the place on your own due to the terrain and restrictions.

Highlights of the tour include the following

Battery Observation post

Battery Observation Post at Fort Connaught

This looks like a Battery Observation Post. From the position, it looks like it is possible to overlook at Singapore. The overgrowth has since taken over through the passage of time.  If you look closely, the walls are ridden with bullet holes.

Underground Gun Magazine

This is where the ammunition was stored in the past.

Gun Emplacement

This is where the 9.2-inch guns once lie. While the guns are not around anymore, you can still see part of the buildings including old ropes, bullet holes on the walls and even stairs to a higher level.

Entrance to the Emplacement


Old Ropes

This was how it looked in the past.

Fort Connaught Original Photo

If you are a history buff or someone who is keen to have a look at a page from the past, you should not miss this tour. The tour is not recommended for younger kids. It is more appropriate for ages 13 and up as you would have to walk through steep terrains to reach these sites.  

Tickets are at $20 per participant and transportation will be provided from Harbourfront MRT station and back. The guide for this tour will be Dr John Kwok and history enthusiast Saifullah.

Wear Proper shoes!

Do note that hiking shoes or proper footwear are a must, as you would be making your way to dense forestation and uneven terrain. Bring mosquito repellent and wear long pants too!

Booking of the tour starts from 8 Feb 10am.  Limited slots are available!

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