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6 Life Lessons from Physical 100

Have you been following Physical 100?

Surprisingly, it has been a decent Netflix reality show to kickstart 2023. While the editing is not top-notch, seeing 100 fit bodies grinding hard to be the ultimate winner makes a couch potato to desire to hit the gym every other day. 

Besides being motivated to get fit, I picked up these 10 Life Lessons from Physical 100.

1 Don't underestimate the underdog

While this is a reality show, surprising victories make one yearn for the next episode. One of the most outstanding underdogs is the female leader, Jan Eun Sil. She is South Korea's national wrestling team member and won praise for leading her team against a perceived stronger opponent to victory and giving an almost all-male team a run for their money with her diverse team of women, underdogs and injured in another challenge.

Jan Eun Sil (Source: Netflix)

Even the final three survivors were underdogs. They were barely featured in the first 8 episodes and only had more screen time in the last one.

As in life, it does not matter if one is the top student in school. Someone will always be able to surpass the former if one is determined enough. 

2 You don't have to be the strongest to succeed

The winner of Physical 100 proved this. Snowboarder Woo Jin-Yong defies the odds to be the winner.

Source: Netflix

He is not the strongest, the fittest or the one with the best physic, but he paced himself instead of going head to head to match opponents in speed. Play your own game at your own pace, and use it to defeat stronger opponents,

Focus on winning against yourself to be the real winner.

3 Age is just a number

Choo Sung-Hoon (Source: Netflix)

The oldest contestant was 48 years old MMA fighter Choo Sung-hoon. He came out Top 20 out of a field of 100. Not bad for an old man.  

4 It is not all about winning

Source: Netflix

Sometimes, taking one for the team would make you stand out. Shin Bo-mi-rae sacrifices herself for her teammates to take on a challenge she cannot survive. While she was almost instantaneously eliminated, her sacrifices earned her much respect.

Sometimes a loss is as good as a win.

5 Everyone has their own unique skills

Iron Man(Source: Netflix)

While popular contestants like Iron Man Yun Sung Bin and Agent H are top favourites due to their all-around physique, some standout individuals use their unique skill sets to survive.

The Wings of Icarus (Source: Netflix)

Examples are Ice climber Kim Min Cheol, who won 'The Wings of Icarus" due to his experience and techniques and Jung Hae Min, who won The Punishment of Sisyphus due to his endurance.

If you have your own skill set, use it to your advantage. 

6 Mind over Matter

The power of the mind is stronger than the strength one has. We are not just talking about willpower, but how brainy one is. Quite a few challenges require using one's wit instead of raw power. The putting of the 1.5-ton ship is a classic example where the use of pulleys can significantly increase the strength of a group.

Source: Netflix

Physical 100 is a show that is more than just eye candy. It is one where you can pick up life lessons too!

So, what do you think of Physical 100?

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